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Invitrogen Dynabeads magnetic separation products reduce variability and provide more reliable and reproducible results for your purifications and your analyses. Dynabeads products are tube based so they are gentle and no columns or centrifugations are necessary. The true uniformity of bead size, shape and surface area provides optimal accessibility and rapid liquid-phase reaction kinetics.

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Characteristics of Dynabeads

  • Dynabeads are superparamagnetic particles, meaning that they exhibit magnetic properties when placed in a magnetic field with no residual magnetism once removed from the magnetic field
  • Unique batch-to-batch reproducibility secures reproducible, quality results 
  • Spherical shape and defined surface chemistry minimize chemical agglutination and non-specific binding
  • The polymer shell on each bead protects your target from toxic exposure to iron
  • Bioreactive molecules can be adsorbed or coupled to their surface, and used to separate biological materials (cells, proteins, nucleic acids, etc).

Dynabeads technology for magnetic bead separation

Magnetic particles (Figure 1) from alternative suppliers often have a random size range and surface area that could compromise the reproducibility of your results.

The tightly controlled Dynabeads production processes give uniform spherical beads, with highly defined and consistent product characteristics. By reducing particle variability, you get more reliable and reproducible results.

The level of reproducibility within and between batches of Dynabeads is quite unique. The same surface area is offered for each experiment, ensuring the best efficacy and reproducibility for your analyses. 


Figure 1. SEM-pictures of Dynabeads (A) and alternative magnetic particles from other suppliers (B–E). Courtesy of Mikal Heldal, University of Bergen, Norway.


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