SuperScript Reverse Transcriptases

Get an upgrade to SuperScript Reverse Transcriptases–among the most cited, trusted, and highest-performing cDNA synthesis products

With over 50,000 citations, reviews, and publications, Invitrogen SuperScript Reverse Transcriptases (RTs) are proven to be the superior choice for many research applications. Our latest innovation, Invitrogen SuperScript IV RT was developed for improved thermostability, processivity, and cDNA yields to enable superior performance with even the most challenging RNA samples. If you seek the best cDNA synthesis performance, you need SuperScript RTs.

Which SuperScript product is right for you?

 Most effective enzyme for all RNA, including difficult templatesFull optimization with flexible priming options for RT-PCRHighest performance and convenience for RT-qPCRHighest performance and convenience for RT-qPCR; with integrated gDNA removalFast and simple RT-PCR workflow
ProductSuperScript IV Reverse TranscriptaseSuperScript IV First-Strand Synthesis SystemSuperScript IV VILO Master MixSuperScript IV VILO Master Mix with ezDNase SuperScript IV One-Step RT-PCR System
FormatStand-alone enzymecDNA synthesis kitcDNA synthesis master mixcDNA synthesis master mix with gDNA removalOne-step RT-PCR kit
Optimal reaction temperature50–55°C50–55°C50°C50°C50-55°C
RT reaction time10 min10 min
10 min10 min (additional 2 min gDNA removal)10 min
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Reverse transcriptase reaction in 10 minutes—enzyme processivity

SuperScript IV RT has very high processivity and requires less time to generate full-length cDNA compared to wild type enzymes. With SuperScript IV RT it is possible to perform cDNA synthesis in only 10 minutes.

Inhibitors in reverse transcriptase reaction

Inhibitors can significantly impair the efficiency of reverse transcription reactions. Greatly improved processivity of SuperScript IV RT allows cDNA synthesis even in the presence of common inhibitors such as guanidinium and salts.

Understanding reverse transcriptase—effects on Ct value

SuperScript IV RT outperforms wild type RTs with better efficiency and sensitivity. Therefore, with SuperScript IV RT, the Ct value can be significantly reduced compared to wild type enzymes in RT-qPCR applications.

Overcoming RT-qPCR challenges

Sensitivity and dynamic range in reverse transcription are important factors for accurate quantitation in RT-qPCR. Learn the top 5 reasons for reduced sensitivity and high variability in RT-qPCR applications, and how SuperScript IV VILO Master Mix can help to overcome these challenges.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.