Our pre-transplant solutions give laboratory professionals a range of options for HLA typing and antibody detection that help simplify and automate screen, monitoring, research, and final test evaluations.

Delivering highly sensitive and reliable pre-transplant testing results

HLA typing products

Antibody detection products

Explore our HLA typing products

AllType NGS assays

High resolution genotyping of Class I and Class II loci in a single multiplex reaction.

Genotyping assays

Cytokine, HNA, and KIR genotyping assays.

LABType assays

Combining Luminex xMAP technology with reverse sequence-specific oligonucleotide (rSSO) technology, high throughput DNA typing is achieved.

Lambda Monoclonal Trays (LMT)

Our exclusive LMT feature premixed monoclonal antibodies and rabbit complement for a fast and dependable method of determining Class I or Class II antigens.

LinkSēq PCR typing kits

The LinkSēq line of real-time PCR products offers rapid genotyping of HLA and KIR with a simple workflow.

Micro SSP typing trays

Amplify genomic DNA using SSP to determine HLA Class I and Class II alleles.

SeCore kits

High-resolution typing of HLA alleles using SBT technique.

Serology reagents

Our tissue typing family offers a host of HLA testing reagents optimized for use with our HLA typing trays.

Terasaki HLA tissue typing trays

Terasaki HLA Tissue Typing Trays contain well-characterized antisera that produce consistent and accurate HLA typing with complement-dependent cytotoxicity methods.

Explore our antibody detection products

AT1R and ETAR assays

Anti-AT1R and anti-ETAR assays detect biomarker antibodies that form against angiotensin II type 1 receptors (AT1R) and endothelin receptors type A (ETAR).

C1qScreen assay

Driven by the Luminex xMAP platform, our C1qScreen assay provides laboratories with a reliable tool for distinguishing between complement binding and non-complement binding antibodies.

FlowDSA-XM assay

A flow cytometry-based crossmatch assay optimized for the detection of leukocyte antibodies, combining traditional flow cytometry cellular crossmatch testing with the specificity of microbeads technology.

FlowPRA screening tests

Designed for use in flow cytometric detection, a number of FlowPRA test options are available to screen human sera for antibodies, assigning percent PRA and antibody specificity for HLA Class I.

LABScreen assays

Our selection of LABScreen reagents use the Luminex xMAP platform in eight assays designed for precise determination of percent PRA in a broad range of targets.

Lambda Antigen Trays (LAT)

Economical and convenient for screening patients, determining percent PRA and identifying antibodies. Terasaki trays are pre-coated with HLA Class I and Class II antigens designed to perform antibody detection based on ELISA techniques.

Lambda Cell Trays (LCT)

Panels frozen lymphocytes dispensed in Terasaki trays, designed to determine PRA and HLA antibody screening by complement-dependent cytotoxicity.

Not all products are CE marked or have 510(k) clearance for sale in the U.S. Availability of products in each country depends on local regulatory marketing authorization status.