Antibody Detection


Bead-based Multiplexing Assay for PRA Screening

As the leader in HLA antibody screening, One Lambda offers the largest portfolio of assays for low- to high-resolution detection. Our selection of reagents for the LABScreen line of products are powered by Luminex® xMAP® technology—a microbead platform used to deliver multiplex antibody assays in high-PRA patients. These single antigen-bead based assays allow for precise determination of antibody profiles against HLA, MICA or HNA.

LABScreen assays produce trusted results, with consistency and high sensitivity, and are considered to be the gold standard in HLA antibody detection.


Bead-based Multiplexing assay for PRA Screening

  • Similar workflow for all LABScreen products
  • All LABScreen assays can be batched together in the same run
  • Test can be completed in approximately 2.5 hours

The LabScreen Workflow


• Similar workflow for all LABScreen products 
• All LABScreen assays can be batched together in the same run 
• Test can be completed in approximately 2.5 hours


How does LABScreen Work?

LABScreen products use a panel of color-coded microbeads, coated with purified HLA antigens. Up to 100 different beads can be combined in one suspension in a single test. The serum is incubated with LABScreen beads. Any HLA antibodies in the serum bind to the antigens and are labeled with PE-conjugated goat anti-human IgG. The LABScan™ 100 or LABScan3D™ systems detect fluorescent emission of PE from each bead, allowing nearly real-time data acquisition.


LABScreen™ Workflow
LABScreen step 1 "Add Sample" graphic

Add Sample

LABScreen step 2 "Wash" graphic


LABScreen step 3 "Add R-PE Conjugated Anti-IgG" graphic

R-PE Conjugated Anti-lgG

LABScreen step 4 "Wash" graphic


LABScreen step 5 "Read" graphic


LABScreen graphics key

LABScreen Autoantibody Assays Expands Your Antibody Detection Capabilities

LABScreen Autoantibody assays detect a wide array of biomarker including tubulin and perlecan antibodies following a familiar workflow and analysis algorithm.

  • Detect and monitor autoantibody targets with Single Antigen Bead technology
  • Characterize over 30 unique biomarkers in a single run
  • Multi-group configuration allows testing flexibility
  • Familiar workflow that’s compatible with LABScan analyzers

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

LABScreen Single Antigen ExPlex

ExPlex now offers an extended HLA antibody panel in a single-well setup! Paired with the original LABScreen SABs, ExPlex provides cutting-edge capabilities with a total of 151 Class I and 119 Class II Common and Well-Documented alleles.

The powerful next step for HLA donor specific antibody (DSA) testing is available with the new ExPlex!

  • Enhanced coverage to better complement donor typing results
  • Broader reactivity data to evaluate eplet patterns
  • Easily integrates into your lab workflow

For In Vitro Diagnostic Use.

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Our Featured Solutions

LABScreen™ Single Antigen
Designed to screen HLA class I and class II antibodies that are reactive to one or more dominant epitopes, LABScreen Single Antigen provides a comprehensive assay to evaluate antigens found frequently in the population.
LABScreen™ Single Antigen ExPlex
Building on the trusted LABScreen Single Antigen platform, ExPlex offers an expansive HLA antibody panel in a single-well setup.
LABScreen™ Autoantibody
LABScreen Autoantibody assays provide a convenient way to detect and monitor a broad range of autoantibody targets in human sera, using single antigen bead technology.
HLA Fusion™ Software
This analysis software supports HLA screening and DNA typing products in clinical diagnostics.