Growth Factor Supplementation for Specific Cells

Growth and attachment factors, natural and recombinant, are used in conjunction with other essential nutrients and hormones to maximize biological stimulation.  The optimal conditions and concentrations of growth factor for particular cell types must be empirically determined.  The following table provides a summary of conditions for growth and attachment factor supplementation reported to give maximal stimulation for various cell lines.  It can be used to establish initial concentrations prior to optimization.

Cell Line Cell Type Growth or Attachment Factor Suggested Conc. (ng/ml) Medium Serum Suppl.
Human mammary carcinoma EGF(a) 100 DMEM 2% FBS
Human foreskin fibroblast EGF(a) 2 DMEM 10% FBS
Primary hepatocyte EGF(a) 10 DMEM 10% FBS
Rat hepatic epithelium EGF(a) 10 Richter's MEM 10% FBS
Human cervical carcinoma EGF(a) 2.5 x104 DMEM 10% FBS
A431 Epidermal carcinoma EGF(a) 2.5 x 104 DMEM 10% FBS
Primary human fibroblast EGF(a) 1x103 MEM Earle's
10% FBS
MKN-7 Human adenocarcinoma EGF(a) 50 DMEM 8% FBS
BALB/c 3T3 Mouse fibroblast EGF(a) 50 DMEM/F-12 --
TM-4 Mouse testes epithelium EGF(a) 3 DMEM/F-12 --
NRK-49F Rat fibroblast EGF(a) 50 DMEM/F-12 --
Rat neuroblastoma bFGF 1 F-12 --
BHK-21 Baby hamster kidney bFGF 3 DMEM/F-12 5% Calf