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Guides and Tools


Immunoprecipitation, Co-Immunoprecipitation, and Pulldown

Immunoprecipitation with Dynabeads™ and Other Magnetic Beads

Immunoprecipitation with Agarose and Other Resins

  • DailyCalcs Science Calculator: An app designed to calculate molarity, dilution, molecular weight, and more. Also includes a transfection calculator you can use to simplify transfection experimental setup.
Custom Services

Protein Expression and Production Services

Have us utilize our extensive suite of expression vectors and host systems to deliver the necessary protein yield for your application. We offer protein expression and production services in baculovirus and mammalian host systems, as well as protein purification and analysis services.

GeneArt™ Cell Lines and Proteins

GeneArt™ Cell Lines and Proteins are a suite of service offerings designed to help facilitate protein expression in mammalian cell lines. We can help with every step of the process, including gene design, synthesis, cloning, protein production, and even stable cell generation. Alternatively, we can help with just the parts of the process you request.

Customized Dynabeads™ for OEM Supply

Using our patented technology and proprietary knowledge we can develop custom products for you, including coupling of antibody, protein, nucleic acid or other bio-reactive ligand, chemical groups and surface functionality, iron content and magnetic characteristics, bead size, polymer, and pore structure.