Improve quality control and ensure safe operation in the coal mine

From the mine to loadout—we’ve got everything you need to meet quality specifications and ship a more consistent, quality product. Thermo Scientific™ online elemental coal analyzers and blending software provide coal producers with accurate, reliable data to control coal blends and ensure on-spec batches. We also offer belt scales, weigh feeders, and coal quality analysis and sampling systems that provide the process information needed to manage your operation to its greatest efficiency while giving you and your customers the assurance that you are shipping—and they are receiving—the tonnages required. Create a safer environment for your workers and protect your equipment with our tramp metal detectors, level sensors, belt misalignment switches, emergency pull switches, plugged chute switches, and personal dust monitors.

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Products used in coal production

PGNAA and PFTNA help ensure coal blends meet specifications

PGNAA and PFTNA help ensure coal blends meet specifications

In the coal blending process, different quality coals are mixed to meet requirements for particular applications. Blending decisions impact the total amount of each product that a mine site is able to sell, so it is important that the blended coal meet quality specifications.

Online and At-Line elemental analyzers are used to measure the composition of coal in real-time and proactively address process variations to ensure more consistent coal blends. The analyzer mounts around an existing conveyor belt or adjacent to a main conveyor with an in-line sampling system to continuously monitor coal quality.  When combined with coal blending software these unique instruments offer the most effective way to minimize variations in coal quality, ensure contract compliance, and improve efficiency.

Online and At-Line coal analyzers utilize an analysis technique termed either Prompt Gamma Neutron Activation (PGNAA) or Pulsed Fast Thermal Neutron Activation (PFTNA) technology. These technologies are deeply penetrative and measure the entire material volume travelling by conveyor at a high frequency, making them ideal technologies to help ensure that all the coals in the supply mix are properly blended.

To learn more, visit the PGNAA and PFTNA Technology Page.

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Discover the CQM FLEX coal analyzer

Control minute-by-minute quality analysis of your most critical coal streams with the CQM FLEX, the ultimate online coal analyzer with the best accuracy available.

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Monitor production output and inventory, or regulate product loadout with belt scale systems that provide vital information for the efficient operation of your business.

Protect your equipment, prevent accidents, and reduce unscheduled shutdowns. Thermo Scientific Ramsey Conveyor Protection Switches monitor position and tracking of conveyor belts to identify potential hazards.

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Increase safety and lower capital costs with easy-to-use, highly accurate non-contacting Thermo Scientific DensityPRO gauges.

Get highly reliable, rugged, cost-effective on-off control of circuits with the non-contacting, non-invasive Thermo Scientific PNF Point Level Switch.

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Monitor real-time coal dust exposure with a respirable, personal dust monitor designed specifically for U.S.- based mining applications.

This real-time, ambient, continuous monitor provides continuous measurements for total particulate and cut-points ranging from PM10 down to PM1.

Provide real-time results and gravimetric validation with Thermo Scientific personal DataRAM™ pDR-1500 Aerosol Monitor.

belt scale selection guide

Belt conveyer scales are an important part of a mining operation’s bulk material handling system. A belt scale system monitors production output and inventory, or regulates product loadout, while providing vital information for the effective management and efficient operation of your business. There are many options to consider when selecting a belt scale system. How do you know which one is right for your application?
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