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Glacios Cryo-TEM for
Life Sciences

  • Cryo-TEM
  • Small Footprint
  • Flexible Accelerating Voltage 80-200 kV
  • High Brightness X-FEG Electron Gun

Krios G4 Cryo-TEM for
Life Sciences

  • Improved ergonomics
  • Fits more easily into new and existing labs
  • Maximized productivity and automation
  • Best image quality for high-resolution 3D reconstruction

Talos Arctica TEM for
Life Sciences

  • Increased data acquisition speed
  • High data with robotic sample handling & automated loading
  • Unattended platform operation and automated data acquisition
  • Low cost of ownership with remote diagnostics and preventive service

Aquilos 2 Cryo-FIB for Life Sciences

  • Cryo-FIB
  • In-Situ Cryo-Lamellas Preparation
  • Fully Rotatable Cryo-Stage
  • Software for Image Correlation and Lamellas Preparation

Vitrobot for Life Sciences

  • Fully Automated Sample vitrification
  • Blotting Device
  • Semi-Automated Grid Transfer
  • High Sample Throughput

Amira Software for Life Sciences

  • Support for multi-data/view/channel
  • Interactive high-quality visualization
  • Machine Learning-based segmentation
  • Intuitive recipe creation

Tomography 4.0

  • On-the-fly Reconstruction Algorithm
  • Fully Automatic TEM and STEM Acquisition
  • One-Time Calibration
  • Easy workflow from data to structure

EPU Software

  • Microscope-embedded solution for single particle acquisition
  • Optimized for high-throughput particle collection
  • Compatible with film, CCD cameras, and direct electron detectors

Talos L120C for
Life Sciences

  • Increased stability
  • Multiple auto-functions
  • Quick sample exchange with robust vacuum system
  • High-quality cryo-imaging

Falcon 4 Detector

  • Leading detective quantum efficiency
  • 10x shorter exposure time than its predecessor
  • Fully embedded in Thermo Scientific software
  • Built in data management

VolumeScope 2 SEM

  • Ability to reuse jobs and system settings 
  • Create multiple ROI
  • Ability to perform large 3D volume acquisition unattended
  • Reliable acquisition on charging samples with both HiVac and LoVac

Ceta D Camera

  • Optimum performance at any high tension (20–300 kV)
  • Compatible with post-column filters and spectrometers
  • Movie acquisition for dynamic studies

MAPS Software

  • Acquire high resolution images over large areas
  • Easily find regions of interest
  • Automate image acquisition process

Auto Slice and View 4.0 Software

  • Serial sectioning for 3D STEM images
  • Imaging plus analytical data (EDS, EBSD)
  • On-the-fly editing capabilities
  • New algorithms – easier to use
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Electron microscopy services for
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