Scientists and engineers in both academia and industry are constantly facing new challenges that require highly localized characterization of a wide range of samples and materials. The ongoing drive to improve the quality of these materials means that structural and compositional information at the nanoscale is frequently necessary. DualBeam, focused ion beam scanning electron microscopy (FIB-SEM), instruments generate exactly this kind of data by combining the precise sample modification of FIB with the high-resolution imaging of SEM.

Thermo Fisher Scientific is the industry leader in FIB-SEM technology with more than 25 years of experience with DualBeam instrumentation. We offer a broad product portfolio and advanced automation capabilities for a range of applications, including transmission electron microscopy (TEM) sample preparation, subsurface and 3D characterization, nano-prototyping, and in situ experimentation.


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Electron Microscopy

Focused Ion Beam SEM

FIB SEM DualBeam instruments for automated structural analysis, TEM sample preparation, and nano-prototyping.





Life Sciences


Materials Science


Life Sciences


Materials Science

Krios G4 Cryo-TEM for
Life Sciences

  • Improved ergonomics
  • Fits more easily into new and existing labs
  • Maximized productivity and automation
  • Best image quality for high-resolution 3D reconstruction

Spectra 300

  • Highest-resolution structural and chemical information at the atomic level
  • Flexible high-tension range from 30-300 kV
  • Three lens condenser system

Spectra 200

  • High-resolution and contrast imaging for accelerating voltages from 30-200 kV
  • Symmetric S-TWIN/X-TWIN objective lens with wide-gap pole piece design of 5.4 mm
  • Sub-Angstrom STEM imaging resolution from 60 kV-200 kV

Glacios Cryo-TEM for
Life Sciences

  • Cryo-TEM
  • Small Footprint
  • Flexible Accelerating Voltage 80-200 kV
  • High Brightness X-FEG Electron Gun

Talos Arctica TEM for
Life Sciences

  • Increased data acquisition speed
  • High data with robotic sample handling & automated loading
  • Unattended platform operation and automated data acquisition
  • Low cost of ownership with remote diagnostics and preventive service

Themis ETEM

  • Precise control and knowledge of sample temperature
  • Improved sample stability, navigation, and assisted sample drift correction in x, y, and z axes
  • Advancing high-quality imaging and movie acquisition functions

Talos L120C TEM

  • Increased stability
  • 4k × 4K Ceta CMOS camera
  • TEM magnification range from 25 – 650 k×
  • Flexible EDS analysis reveals chemical information

Talos F200i TEM

  • High-quality S/TEM images and accurate EDS
  • Available with dual EDS technology
  • Best all-round in situ capabilities
  • Large field-of-view imaging at high speed

Talos F200S TEM

  • Precise chemical composition data
  • High performance imaging and precise compositional analysis for dynamic microscopy
  • Features Velox Software for fast and easy acquisition and analysis of multimodal data

Talos F200X TEM

  • Features Velox Software for fast and easy acquisition and analysis of multimodal data
  • High resolution and throughput in STEM imaging and chemical analysis
  • Add application-specific in situ sample holders for dynamic experiments

Talos F200C TEM

  • Flexible EDS analysis reveals chemical information
  • High-contrast, high-quality TEM and STEM imaging
  • Ceta 16 Mpixel CMOS camera provides large field of view and high read-out speed

Helios 5 Laser PFIB System

  • Fast, millimeter-scale cross sections
  • Statistically relevant deep subsurface and 3D data analysis
  • Shares all capabilities of the Helios 5 PFIB platform

Helios Hydra DualBeam

  • 4 fast switchable ion species (Xe, Ar, O, N) for optimized PFIB processing of a widest range of materials
  • Ga-free TEM sample preparation
  • Extreme high resolution SEM imaging

Helios 5 Dualbeam

  • Fully automated, high-quality, ultra-thin TEM sample preparation
  • High throughput, high resolution subsurface and 3D characterization
  • Rapid nanoprototyping capabilities

Helios G4 PFIB DualBeam

  • High throughput large volume subsurface and 3D characterization
  • High-quality Ga+ free TEM samples
  • Extreme high resolution SEM imaging
  • Advanced ease of use and automation capabilities

Aquilos 2 Cryo-FIB for Life Sciences

  • Cryo-FIB
  • In-Situ Cryo-Lamellas Preparation
  • Fully Rotatable Cryo-Stage
  • Software for Image Correlation and Lamellas Preparation

Scios 2 DualBeam

  • Full support of magnetic and non-conductive samples
  • High throughput subsurface and 3D characterization
  • Advanced ease of use and automation capabilities

Prisma E SEM

  • Entry-level SEM with excellent image quality
  • Easy and quick sample loading and navigation for multiple samples
  • Compatible with a wide range of materials thanks to dedicated vacuum modes

Quattro ESEM

  • Ultra-versatile high-resolution FEG SEM with unique environmental capability (ESEM)
  • Observe all information from all samples with simultaneous SE and BSE imaging in every mode of operation

Apreo SEM

  • High-performance SEM for all-round nanometer or sub-nanometer resolution
  • In-column T1 backscatter detector for sensitive, TV-rate materials contrast
  • Excellent performance at long working distance (10 mm)

Verios XHR SEM

  • Monochromated SEM for sub-nanometer resolution over the full 1 keV to 30 keV energy range
  • Easy access to beam landing energies as low as 20 eV
  • Excellent stability with piezo stage as standard

VolumeScope 2 SEM

  • Ability to reuse jobs and system settings 
  • Create multiple ROI
  • Ability to perform large 3D volume acquisition unattended
  • Reliable acquisition on charging samples with both HiVac and LoVac

Phenom Pharos Desktop SEM

  • The only desktop SEM with FEG source with 2 up to 15 kV acceleration voltage range
  • <2.5 nm (SE) and <4.0 nm (BSE) resolution @ 15 kV; up to 1,000,000x magnification
  • Optional fully integrated EDS and SE detector

Phenom XL G2 Desktop SEM

  • For large samples (100x100 mm) and ideal for automation
  • <10 nm resolution and up to 200,000x magnification; 4.8 kV up to 20 kV acceleration voltage
  • Optional fully integrated EDS and BSE detector

Phenom ProX Desktop SEM

  • High performance desktop SEM with integrated EDS detector
  • Resolution <8 nm (SE) and <10 nm (BSE); magnification up to 150,000x
  • Optional SE detector

Phenom Pro Desktop SEM

  • High performance desktop SEM
  • Resolution <8 nm (SE) and <10 nm (BSE); magnification up to 150,000x
  • Optional SE detector

Phenom Pure Desktop SEM

  • Entry level desktop SEM
  • Resolution <25 nm; magnification up to 65,000x
  • Longlife CeB6 source

Phenom Perception GSR Desktop SEM

  • Dedicated automated GSR desktop SEM
  • Resolution <10 nm; magnification up to 200,000x
  • Longlife CeB6 source

Phenom ParticleX AM Desktop SEM

  • Versatile desktop SEM with automation software for Additive Manufacturing
  • Resolution <10 nm; magnification up to 200,000x
  • Optional SE detector

Phenom ParticleX TC Desktop SEM

  • Versatile desktop SEM with automation software for Technical Cleanliness
  • Resolution <10 nm; magnification up to 200,000x
  • Optional SE detector

HeliScan microCT

  • Advanced helical scanning and iterative reconstruction technology
  • High resolution x-ray source (below 400 nm)
  • Process, analyze, and visualize samples


  • Micro-focus X-ray monochromator for large area and small area XPS
  • Optional dual-mode ion source for exapanded depth profiling capabilities
  • Multi-technique analysis with ISS, UPS, REELS and Raman spectroscopy


  • Fast, efficient XPS analysis
  • Avantage software for high throughput workflows
  • Depth profiling for thin film and interface analysis


  • Versatile XPS microprobe
  • High resolution XPS imaging
  • Multi-technique analysis and sample preparation options

Vitrobot for Life Sciences

  • Fully Automated Sample vitrification
  • Blotting Device
  • Semi-Automated Grid Transfer
  • High Sample Throughput

Auto Slice and View 4.0 Software

  • Serial sectioning for 3D STEM images
  • Imaging plus analytical data (EDS, EBSD)
  • On-the-fly editing capabilities
  • New algorithms – easier to use

Avizo Software

  • Support for multi-data/multi-view, multi-channel, time series, very large data
  • Advanced multi-mode 2D/3D automatic registration
  • Artifact reduction algorithms

Amira Software for Life Sciences

  • Support for multi-data/view/channel
  • Interactive high-quality visualization
  • Machine Learning-based segmentation
  • Intuitive recipe creation

Pergeos Software

  • Support for multi-data/multi-view, multi-channel, time series, very large data
  • Two-Phase Flow Simulation
  • Dual Energy Computed Tomography (DECT)

Tomography 4.0

  • On-the-fly Reconstruction Algorithm
  • Fully Automatic TEM and STEM Acquisition
  • One-Time Calibration
  • Easy workflow from data to structure

EPU Software

  • Microscope-embedded solution for single particle acquisition
  • Optimized for high-throughput particle collection
  • Compatible with film, CCD cameras, and direct electron detectors

AutoTEM 5

  • Highest quality S/TEM sample preparation
  • Complete in situ S/TEM sample preparation workflow
  • Fully automated in-situ sample preparation

AutoScript 4

  • improved reproducibility and accuracy
  • Unattended, high throughput imaging and patterning
  • Supported by Python 3.5-based scripting environment


  • An experiments panel on the left side of the processing window.
  • Live quantitative mapping
  • Interactive detector layout interface for reproducible experiment control & set-up

Inspect 3D Software

  • Image processing tools and filters for cross-correlation
  • Feature tracking for image alignment
  • Algebraic reconstruction technique for iterative projection comparison

Maps Software

  • Acquire high resolution images over large areas
  • Easily find regions of interest
  • Automate image acquisition process


  • CAD-based prototyping
  • FIB and GIS optimized
  • Automated alignment and drift control


  • Automated collection of images
  • Real-time remote control
  • Standard applications included: Automated Image Mapping + Remote User Interface


  • Correlate pore features such as area, aspect ratio, major and minor axis
  • Acquire images directly from the Desktop SEM
  • Statistical data with high-quality images


  • Integrated software in ProSuite for online and offline analysis
  • Correlating particle features such as diameter, circularity, aspect ratio and convexity
  • Creating image datasets with Automated Image Mapping

Elemental Mapping

  • Fast and reliable information on the distribution of elements within the sample or the selected line
  • Easily exported and reported results

3D Reconstruction

  • Intuitive user interface, maximum employability
  • Intuitive fully automated user interface
  • Based on 'shape from shading' technology, no stage tilt required


  • Save time by automated measurements
  • Fast and automated collection of all statistical data
  • View and measure micro and nano fibers with unmatched accuracy

Phenom Programming Interface

  • Customize your SEM to fit your workflow
  • Increase efficiency and save time with automated processes
  • Control imaging settings and stage navigation


  • Automated tool for image acquisition, fiber detection and reporting
  • Assisted EDX analysis with fiber revisiting
  • ISO standard report on asbestos analysis

Quartz PCI/CFR

  • SEM imaging traceability compliant with 21 CFR Part 11
  • Compatible with the Phenom XL and Phenom Pro desktop SEMs
  • Windows 10 64-bit operating system support


  • Ultra-fast heating solution for in situ high resolution imaging
  • Fully integrated
  • Temperatures up to 1200 °C


  • Potential to enable large number of novel, unexplored applications
  • Very low energy milling
  • Small spot size for precise local surface treatment

Falcon 4 Detector

  • Leading detective quantum efficiency
  • 10x shorter exposure time than its predecessor
  • Fully embedded in Thermo Scientific software
  • Built in data management

Ceta D Camera

  • Optimum performance at any high tension (20–300 kV)
  • Compatible with post-column filters and spectrometers
  • Movie acquisition for dynamic studies

Nebula Particle Disperser

  • Standard method for uniform dry powder dispersion
  • Avoids particle clusters
  • Used with Phenom Desktop SEM

Standard Sample Holder

  • Compact stage allowing analysis of samples of up to 100 mm x 100 mm
  • Can be extended with 3 types of resin or metallurgical mount inserts
  • Used with Phenom Desktop SEM

Eucentric Sample Holder

  • Eucentric tilting and compucentric rotation on a desktop SEM
  • Fast time-to-image with sample loading < 1 minute
  • Real-time 3D sample visualization module

Tensile Sample Holder

  • Determine batch quality
  • Determine manufacturing consistencys
  • Aid the design process

Resin Mount Inserts

  • A unique sample holder concept
  • Available in 3 models for supporting standard sized samples of 25 mm (~1 inch), 32 mm (~1 ¼ inch) and 40 mm (~1 ½ inch) diameter

Filter Inserts

  • Filter residue analysis and asbestos analysis
  • Available in two models which support 47 mm (1.85 inch) and 25 mm (1 inch) filters
  • Use on Phenom Desktop SEM

Metallurgical Sample Holder

  • Designed to support resin-mounted samples
  • Preferred solution for metallurgy and when working with inserts
  • Sample size up to 32 mm diameter and 30 mm height

Charge Reduction Sample Holder

  • Up to 8 times higher magnification
  • Faster sample preparation
  • Non conductive samples can be imaged in their natural state

Micro Tool Sample Holder

  • Quick and fast clamping
  • Tilting and rotation allow for easy sample positioning
  • No extra tooling required for sample loading

Motorized Tilt & Rotation Sample Holder

  • Tilt range -10° to +45°
  • Continuous 360° compucentric rotation
  • Controlled by dedicated Motion Control ProSuite application

Temperature Controlled Sample Holder

  • Temperature range -25 °C to +50 °C
  • Temperature accuracy ±1.5 °C
  • Temperature display resolution 0.1 °C

Sample Holder Inserts

  • Faster cross-sectional imaging of coatings and multilayer samples
  • Easy clamping without the need for screws or extra tools
  • Eliminates the need for screws and tools to clamp the sample

Electrical Feedthrough Sample Holder

  • Connect electrical probes to the sample for in-situ measurements
  • Sample can be height adjusted from 0–25 mm manually
  • Measurements of probe currents


TEM sample preparation

TEM sample preparation is considered to be one of the most critical tasks in materials science research. However, it is also one of the most challenging and time-consuming. The latest technological innovations of DualBeam technology, along with our comprehensive software solutions and application expertise, enable fast and easy preparation of site-specific, high-quality S/TEM (scanning/transmission electron microscopy) samples for a wide range of materials. Thermo Scientific AutoTEM Software adds the capability for fully automated, unattended in situ TEM sample preparation, significantly increasing throughput and bringing you expert-level results regardless of your experience.

Structural analysis

When combined with Thermo Scientific Auto Slice & View Software, DualBeam instruments provide 3D insight into sample structure by selectively removing (milling) the material for subsurface characterization. Digital reconstruction generates multi-modal 3D datasets that can consist of a variety of signals, including backscattered electron (BSE) imaging for maximum materials contrast, energy dispersive spectroscopy (EDS) for compositional information, and electron backscatter diffraction (EBSD) for microstructural and crystallographic information.

The SEM capability of DualBeam instruments offers nanoscale details across a wide range of working conditions, from structural information obtained at 30 keV in STEM mode to charge-free, detailed surface information at lower energies. With unique in-lens detectors, DualBeam systems are designed for simultaneous acquisition of angular/energy-selective secondary-electron and BSE data. Fast, accurate, and reproducible results are provided by our unique SEM column design, which features fully automated lens alignments.


The nanopatterning capabilities of DualBeam systems can substantially reduce research and development time. Rapid prototyping with the FIB enables functionality testing before the final device layout is established for batch fabrication. Beam-induced deposition of different materials can be combined with FIB milling without the need for additional aligning lithography steps; patterns can be directly added to deposited structures or existing patterns can be modified. The final patterned substrates are immediately available for further processing or characterization.


3D reconstruction of an automotive oil filter casing, acquired with the Helios Hydra DualBeam and Auto Slice & View 4 Software for automated serial sectioning. Horizontal field width = 350 µm.
3D reconstruction of an automotive oil filter casing, acquired with the Helios Hydra DualBeam and Auto Slice & View 4 Software for automated serial sectioning. Horizontal field width = 350 µm.
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