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Improve recovery, lower costs, and achieve environmental compliance. Thermo Scientific™ metallurgical sampling systems supply reliable, accurate data and critical input to the process control system. This allows operators to optimize their process, realize significant savings, and improve profitability. Our analysis and sampling systems can be configured for all plant sizes to meet technical constraints and provide the lowest total cost of ownership.

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Featured metallurgical sampling systems

The Thermo Scientific™ AnStat-330 Online Sampling and Elemental Analysis Station provides composite samples for metallurgical accounting while providing online elemental analysis.

The Thermo Scientific™ MEP-300 Multi-Element Probe has been developed to replace both MEP and MEP-200 liquid nitrogen cooled XRF immersion probes used in the AnStat and MSA X-ray analyzer products.

The Thermo Scientific DSA-200 Dry Stream Analyzer is a robust instrument for accurate elemental analysis of dry streams in mineral sands applications.

The Thermo Scientific Gravity Feed Sampler is a simple, cost-effective alternative for producing a sample for a multi-stream analyzer.

The Thermo Scientific GS Omni Analyzer provides accurate, real-time elemental analysis of multiple slurry streams for both light and heavy elements.

The Thermo Scientific MSA multi-stream analyzer provides accurate, cost-effective elemental analysis of up to 12 slurry streams.

The Thermo Scientific Pressure Pipe Sampler is a simple, cost-effective alternative to produce a sample for a multi-stream analyzer.

The Thermo Scientific PSM-400MPX Particle Size Monitor provides in-stream particle size analysis of up to three streams, measuring up to five particle sizes simultaneously.

The Thermo Scientific SamStat-30 provides periodic composite samples of a full slurry stream for metallurgical accounting.

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Gain flexibility in your sampling with the Thermo Scientific Ramsey™ Model SWAX-7000 Primary Sweep Type Sampler, which can stand alone or be used as a primary extractor.

The Thermo Scientific Ramsey™ Series 14 Precision Belt Scale System is specifically designed for high accuracy or basis-of-payment applications requiring certification by government and regulatory agencies.

Related level and density measurement products

Increase safety and lower capital costs with easy-to-use, highly accurate non-contacting Thermo Scientific DensityPRO Gauges.

Get highly reliable, rugged, cost-effective on-off control of circuits with the non-contacting, non-invasive Thermo Scientific PNF Point Level Switch.

Thermo Scientific Electron Microscopy automated mineralogy workflows are transforming productivity for mining customers by delivering relevant answers when, where, and how they are needed. With Electron Microscopy, customers accelerate analysis, reduce analysis costs, and increase throughput to more easily make critical characterization and production decisions. 

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belt scale selection guide

Belt conveyer scales are an important part of a mining operation’s bulk material handling system. A belt scale system monitors production output and inventory, or regulates product loadout, while providing vital information for the effective management and efficient operation of your business. There are many options to consider when selecting a belt scale system. How do you know which one is right for your application?
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