MEP-300 Upgrade Package for MSA and AnStat

Related applications:

Cement, Coal, Minerals

Improve XRF elemental slurry analysis without the need for liquid nitrogen with the Thermo Scientific™ MEP-300 Multi-Element Probe. The MEP-300 probe uses an advanced Silicon Drift Detector (SDD) and has been developed to replace both MEP and MEP-200 liquid nitrogen cooled X-ray Fluorescence immersion probes used in the AnStat and MSA X-ray analyzer products.
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The MEP-300 probe uses an advanced Silicon Drift Detector (SDD) which does not require cryogenic temperatures. The detector resolution and counting rates are improved compared with the previous generation MEP probes. In addition to their excellent X-ray detection capabilities, SDDs have demonstrated superior stability and resistance to shock and vibration in service, making them well suited for industrial applications such as on-line slurry analysis. 

Key design features and advancements:

Occupational Health & Safety

  • No liquid nitrogen required
  • Eliminate Occupational Health & Safety risks previously associated with liquid nitrogen
  • Improved radiation safety 
    • Automatically deployed retractable source with source shield in event of window rupture or when probe raised for servicing
    • Fail safe spring loaded design to withdraw source from window area upon loss of power
    • High visibility beacon for visual status and alarm conditions

Silicon Drift Detector (SDD)

  • Lower detection limits and improved analytical results due to:
    • Higher count rates
    • Lower background
    • Wider field of view
  • Higher availability
  • No special handling or storage requirements 
  • Field repairable - eliminates “returns” to the factory

Maintenance and Operations

  • No financial cost of liquid nitrogen
  • Lower cost of critical spares
  • Field Replaceable modules and cable assemblies