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Innovative instruments combined with advanced software suites

Thermo Fisher Scientific supplies innovative solutions for electron microscopy and microanalysis. We provide innovative instruments combined with advanced software suites to take customers from questions to usable data by combining high-resolution imaging with physical, elemental, chemical and electrical analysis across scales and modes—through the broadest sample types.

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Scanning Electron Microscopes (SEMs) generate images by scanning a sample with a focused beam of electrons. The interaction of the electrons with atoms in the sample produce signals containing information about surface topography and composition. Our SEMs are capable of resolutions ranging from just a few nanometers to the sub-nanometer range.

Transmission Electron Microscopes (TEMs) fire a beam of electrons through an ultra-thin sample specimen. The electrons interact with the sample as they pass through it, producing information about the internal structure of the sample. Many of our TEMs feature fully automated operation and are capable of sub-Ångström resolution.

DualBeam Focused Ion Beam-Scanning Electron Microscope systems (FIB-SEMs) provide for site-specific material removal, with the SEM then providing non-destructive imaging of the exposed sub-surface features. Our FIB-SEMs are capable of producing ultra-thin samples for S/TEM and creating fully functional nanoscale prototype devices.

Focused Ion Beam (FIB) systems replace the low-mass electrons of the SEM and TEM with high-mass ions in order to mill (or sputter) the specimen’s surface, making it possible to produce minute components or to remove unwanted material. Our FIBs are well suited to a wide range of process control, failure analysis and materials research applications.

Shrinking technologies, new materials and more complex structures are driving defectivity, especially where the circuit design is particularly sensitive to process variation. Our electrical analysis instruments are used by semiconductor manufacturers to isolate subtle electrical issues that affect, yield or performance.

Versatile micro computed-tomography instruments provide solutions for quantitative analysis for a variety of research applications. Unique helical scanning and iterative reconstruction technology produce unsurpassed image fidelity and deliver the highest signal-to-noise ratio compared to traditional circular scanning technology.

We are continuously increasing the capabilities of our various product families. Depending upon the system, we can offer our users upgrades to the latest available technology or a wide selection of accessories to enable specific or unique research needs.

Chip morphology

Chip morphology
Courtesy of Mrs. Christine Kimpton , Cranfield University

Ball Pit

Ball Pit
Courtesy of Dr. Eric Formo , Georgia Electron Microscopy