Gene Expression Analysis Solutions
Comprehensive solutions for gene expression profiling, screening, validation, and biomarker analysis

Gene expression analysis simultaneously compares the RNA expression levels of multiple genes (profiling) and/or multiple samples (screening). This analysis can help scientists identify the molecular basis of phenotypic differences and to select gene expression targets for in-depth study.

Such gene expression differences can lead to potential biomarker discovery for a particular disease phenotype and enable further biomarker validation. Gene expression analysis provides valuable insight into the role of differential gene expression in normal biological and disease processes and in the identification and verification of biomarker signatures.

Read our technical note that demonstrates high data concordance between multiple gene expression platforms (qPCR, microarrays, and NGS), which allows the ability to switch technologies without having to repeat experiments.

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Gene Expression Analysis and Profiling Instruments

Explore our gene expression analysis solutions and technologies

Gene expression analysis by real-time PCR

Real-time PCR is the gold-standard technique for verification of differential gene expression profiles. Our comprehensive offering of TaqMan Gene Expression Assays and flexible formats enables fast and cost-effective results.

Gene expression profiling by microarray

Microarrays are designed with up-to-date content from public sequence data sources, and enable fast, detailed transcriptome-wide expression profiling, even from challenging and precious samples with no bioinformatics resources required.

Gene expression profiling by sequencing

Transcriptome sequencing by next-generation sequencing enables the discovery of differentially expressed genes using a hypothesis-neutral approach.         

Gene expression profiling by hybridization-based assay

Multiplex hybridization-based assays utilize a branched DNA technology for signal amplification for the direct quantitation of gene expression transcripts. These assays are designed to quantitatively measure RNA directly from cell or tissue homogenates without RNA purification or enzymatic manipulation.

Gene expression quantification by digital PCR

Digital PCR enables highly precise measurements and is able to resolve gene expression level changes of two-fold or less. Digital PCR can also be used to determine the absolute quantification of a transcript without the need for a reference gene.

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