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Clariom™ GO Screen Assay, human

Catalog number: 952361
Applied Biosystems™

Clariom™ GO Screen Assay, human

Catalog number: 952361
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Enable high-throughput testing for gene expression research with the Clariom GO Screen Assay for human samples. The 384-format microarray solution provides a high-throughput, low-cost method to directly measure the expression of ∼20,000 genes. The content, developed in collaboration with pharma, includes probes derived from the Gene Ontology gene collection and is ideally suited for secondary compound library screening and hit profiling. The Clariom GO Screen Assay serves as a gene-level expression profiling application that provides a fast, economical path to generate expression data for your research.

Semiconductor-based microarray synthesis technology means stable and reproducible results across large testing efforts. Clariom GO Screen data are compatible with our freely available Transcriptome Analysis Console (TAC) Software, which enables exploratory grouping analysis and identification of gene expression differences between clusters or groupings. The Clariom GO Screen Assay is the tool of choice for large testing efforts across ∼20,000 genes.

High volume at low cost
Through close collaboration with leaders in the industry, the Clariom GO Screen Assay was designed to quickly assess changes in key genes and pathways in a high-throughput testing environment. The assay achieves higher throughput at a lower cost by incorporating direct lysis of samples, permitting researchers to bypass RNA purification for cell line applications. With a workflow that is fully enabled by Service Provider partnerships, and complimentary TAC Software, the Clariom GO Screen Assay helps researchers reach conclusions more rapidly.

Reliable gene expression
The Clariom GO Screen Assay targets the most constitutively expressed exons that are least affected by alternative splicing, providing the truest summary of gene expression available. The probes are designed from human genome assembly GRCh38 (hg38) from the Genome Reference Consortium. Each gene is assayed with three unique probes selected for their specificity and uniqueness, as well as their performance across empirical data. By selecting the genes associated with the GO (Gene Ontology) Consortium, the nomenclature and annotation provide a reliable source of material for functional assessment of the gene expression changes that have occurred. Inclusive of these ∼20,000 genes are virtually all of the genes found in Wikipedia pathway, commercial panels for literature-associated “biomarker” genes, immunology markers, and inflammation markers. The Clariom GO Screen Assay for human samples provides the coverage you require, the analytical reproducibility you need, and the insights you want to act on your discoveries.


GO Screen Assay
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384 arrays
384-array Plate
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Contents & Storage

• Axiom 384HT GT consumables, store at room temperature
• Hybridization module, store at 2–8°C
• Wash buffer A, store at 2–8°C
• Wash buffer B, store at 2–8°C
• HT Pico Reagent Kit
• GO Screen 384 array plate, store at 2–8°C


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