How to Get an Allergy Test

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What would it feel like to finally know what’s causing your sniffles, sneezing, itchy eyes or stomach pain? A specific IgE blood test may help you discover your allergic triggers. The test provides accurate and reliable insights that you can trust to help you take control of what may be causing your symptoms.1

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Options to purchase a test

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Directly purchase your specific IgE blood test from a lab. No doctor referral is needed and you can make your purchase with or without insurance. Your blood will be drawn in a professional lab setting by a trained phlebotomist.

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MinuteClinic at CVS is available in person and virtually 7 days a week and accept most insurance plans. Our board-certified providers offer more than 135 services including allergy testing and treatment. 

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Who can order an allergic sensitization test?

Any healthcare provider that orders laboratory testing can order this blood test; it does not require seeing a specialist. You also can request one directly from a lab. This specific IgE blood test can be performed at any age and can help your healthcare professional determine if you are allergic and to what.1,2 You have choices when it comes to how to get tested.

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What allergies can I be tested for?

You can be tested for just about anything you encounter that could cause allergy symptoms. A blood test is commonly used to identify sensitizations to pollens, molds, animal dander, foods, dust mites, insect venoms, and some medications. 

Can I get an allergy test without insurance?

Most health insurance plans, including medicare and medicaid, cover sIgE testing. For more specific information, contact your insurance company or take a look at the above provider options for associated costs if you do not currenly have health insurance. 

How much does an allergy test cost?

The cost for an allergy test varies and can also be dependent on the number of allergens, or triggers, tested. It all depends on your health insurance coverage and the lab that runs the test. For more specific information, contact your insurance company or take a look at the above provider options for associated costs.

Tools for Understanding Allergies


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Learn about specific allergens, including common symptoms, management, and relief. 

Are you a healthcare provider? Get comprehensive information on hundreds of whole allergens and allergen components.

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