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Are you navigating a new allergy diagnosis? Or maybe you aren’t quite sure what’s causing your allergy-like symptoms. Or, perhaps you need some help living with daily allergy-related challenges.  

We’re here to help. Our evidence-based content can provide the insights you need to feel more informed and empowered—and less alone. Whether you have allergies, you’re a parent whose child has allergies, or you’re a healthcare provider exploring resources for your patients, you’ve come to the right place.   

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Are you an #EmpoweredPatient?
In partnership with Zestfull, we are combining our evidence-based scientific roots with the real-life experiences of the Zestfull community to explore what it means to find empowerment through allergy testing. To know is the win.
How well do you understand your milk allergy?
Only 25 percent of children with a milk allergy reacted to baked milk. How can you figure out if you or your child is at risk for a baked-milk reaction? Skim this critical content on milk-related component testing.
How well do you understand your tree nut allergy?
Tree nuts such as cashews, Brazil nuts, walnuts, and hazelnuts have various levels of cross-reactivity and risks of serious allergic reactions. Find out how component testing can help you better understand your risks.
How well do you understand your peanut allergy?
Given that various peanut proteins can cause different reactions, it’s important to understand exactly which proteins you’re sensitized to. Learn more about component testing and peanut proteins.
How well do you understand your egg allergy?
Component testing can help evaluate potential reactions to baked egg products (e.g., muffin and cookies), predict how likely people are to outgrow their egg allergy, and guide egg-allergy management. Crack open more info on component testing.
If allergy medications aren’t working, it may be nonallergic rhinitis causing sneezing, runny nose, and other spring allergy symptoms. Nonallergic rhinitis is often confused with pollen allergies, especially during spring allergy season.
How to Grocery Shop and Cook After a Food Allergy Diagnosis
Discover 10 food-allergy shopping and cooking tips, including takeaways regarding labels, unprocessed food, grocery-trip planning, and more.
Pollen Count: Answers to Four Frequently Asked Questions
What is a pollen count, how is it measured, and what do these counts mean? Explore pollen-count particulars.
What are pollen allergies?
What is pollen? Where does it come from? And how can you manage a pollen allergy? Get the answers in this pollen primer.
Five Spring Allergy Myths and What They Mean for You
Allergy Insider debunks five common seasonal-allergy myths and explores related topics including the symptom threshold, nonallergic triggers, testing, and more.
Pet Allergy Symptoms: Can you still keep your furry friends?
The simplest answer is "maybe." For a deeper dive, explore insights about your symptom threshold along with pet-allergy symptoms, causes, and exposure management.
What the Saharan Dust Storm Means for Allergy Sufferers
Saharan dust and household dust comprise diverse components. Discover the key differences between these dusts and how each version can affect you.
Can you have allergies in the winter?
The short answer is "yes." For the long answer, check out this mini primer on year-round allergies, including symptoms, causes, and exposure-reduction tactics.
What is allergy cross-reactivity?
Did you know that if you have a latex allergy, you might react to some fruits as well? This phenomenon involves a type of cross-reactivity. Learn more.
How to Read a Food Label: Tips for Allergy Sufferers
Explore the eight major food allergens and how they might be listed on food labels via this graphic illustration.
How to Become a Food Allergy and Asthma Advocate
Want to advocate for your child and his or her food allergies? Explore the five-point advocacy "starter kit" from Thomas Silvera at the Elijah-Alavi Foundation.
Egg Allergy and Baked Goods: Can I eat them?
Explore the wacky world of allergen proteins and learn why some people with an egg allergy can eat baked eggs and others must avoid them.
Stand for food allergy inclusivity on Halloween with the Teal Pumpkin Project.
Explore the Teal Pumpkin Project, an initiative to make trick-or-treat festivities more inclusive for children living with food allergies and intolerances.
Living with Food Allergy Anxiety
Get the facts on food allergy anxiety, including how to differentiate it from anaphylaxis and key resources to turn to for help.
Food Allergy Versus Food Intolerance
Food allergy and food intolerance are not the same. Take a closer look at both conditions and explore why diagnosing food-related discomfort is critical.
How to Prepare for a Food Allergy Emergency
The best way to ensure a positive outcome from a food-allergy emergency is to prepare for one. Learn how to recognize anaphylaxis, prevent reactions, and more.
When it comes to food allergies, the road to diagnosis can be confusing and overwhelming. Here are some fast facts to help you better understand allergy testing options and the basics of allergic sensitization.
6 Facts About Asthma
Explore six facts about asthma prevelance according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
How to Deal with Allergies
Need help dealing with your allergies? Dr. Lakiea Wright offers four fabulous tips. Also discover 19 tactics to reduce environmental-allergen exposure.
What is eczema?
Did you know some allergies can cause your eczema to flare up or get worse? Check out this primer for more eczema insights.
What are hives?
Take a closer look at hives, including types, causes, symptoms, and treatment.
What is an ear infection?
Did you know inflammation and congestion from allergies can lead to ear infections? Learn more about ear infection causes and symptoms.
Allergic Conjunctivitis (Pink Eye) Symptoms and Causes
What is pink eye? And what's the difference between allergic versus nonallergic conjunctivitis? Explore these answers and more.
Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity Symptoms and Signs
Even if you don't have an autoimmune or allergic reaction to gluten or other wheat proteins, you can still elicit celiac-disease-like symptoms. Learn more about non-celiac gluten sensitivity.
Celiac Disease Symptoms and Causes
Explore this celiac disease primer to discover basics insights, including common symptoms, potential sources of gluten, and diagnostic options.
HEENT: Head, Eyes, Ears, Nose, and Throat Allergy Symptoms
Colds, allergies, and irritants (e.g., perfume and cigarette smoke) can all cause HEENT symptoms. Learn more about these interrelated symptoms and what may trigger them.
Multiple Allergies and the Symptom Threshold
You might have a decent grasp of each of your allergies. But do you understand how they might work together—and against you—via your symptom threshold? Learn more.
Anaphylaxis: Common Symptoms and Signs
What are the symptoms of anaphylaxis and some of the most common triggers? Explore this anaphylaxis primer, which includes a short video.
We Are All #ThatKid
To amplify the voices of people whose daily lives are affected by allergies and invisible disease, we created the #ThatKid initiative. Our hope is to bring awareness to these important conditions through powerful, real-life stories, shared by people just like you.
Thomas’ #That Kid Story: Advocacy Can Save Lives
Thomas Silvera’s life changed the day he lost his son Elijah to an anaphylactic reaction. He explains what the #ThatKid hashtag means to him and encourages other to join him in his efforts to spread allergy awareness.
Crystal and Alexis' #ThatKid Story: Food Allergy Bullying
Food allergies are nothing to joke about. Crystal and Alexis share their story as a part of our #ThatKid initiative to promote allergy awareness.
Sofia's #ThatKid Story: Living with Multiple Allergies and Becoming an Advocate
Sometimes it isn’t easy being the kid who seems to be allergic to everything. Sofia discovered a silver lining and wants to share the importance of advocating for yourself when it comes to food allergies.
Food allergies are not a joke.
We are all #ThatKid. To amplify the voices of people whose daily lives are affected by allergies and invisible disease, we created the #ThatKid initiative. Our hope is to bring awareness to these important conditions through powerful, real-life stories, shared by people just like you.
Maria’s Story: Food Allergies and Parent Advocacy
As a parent of two children with food allergies, Maria is familiar with the anxiety that surrounds food allergies. Watch Maria's story to see how she learned to become an advocate for her children in order to keep them safe and ensure they receive the best medical care.
Kortney’s Story: Lifelong Allergies and Taking Control
Kortney was diagnosed with allergies, asthma, and eczema as a child. She shares the lessons she’s learned over the years that have helped her take control of her symptoms and conditions.
Brian’s Story: Anaphylaxis and a Lifelong Mission
Brian lost his son BJ to an anaphylactic reaction to peanuts. He talks about that experience and his decision to make educating others about food allergies his life mission. He hopes no one else has to go through what his family did.
Gennie's #ThatKid Story: On Being Yourself
Meet Gennie: crafter, artist, and doll-clothes designer extraordinaire. Having food allergies and asthma can be challenging at times, but Gennie wants people to know that she’s just like any other kid.
Frequently Asked Questions About Blood Testing for Allergic Triggers
Explore answers to nine commonly asked questions about blood testing for allergic triggers.
A Quick Guide to Allergen Component Testing
What's the difference between whole allergen testing and allergen component testing? Discover the answer via a four-part Q&A.
The Science Behind Allergy Diagnostics
Ready to geek out? Learn about IgE, allergic sensitization, allergen components, and more.
Is Seeing Your Doctor Safer Than Going Grocery Shopping?
Christina Canoday M.D. answers eight patient questions about office visits during the pandemic.
How to Talk to Your Doctor About Allergies More Effectively
Want to make the most of your allergy-related healthcare appointment? Use this handy four-step guide to assemble the right information and prepare a thorough list of questions.
What Science Says About Diagnosing Food Allergies
Take a closer look at allergy diagnostics. Learn when testing is appropriate, what a positive allergy test might mean, and what additional testing options are available.
How to Make the Most of Your Appointment with a Healthcare Provider
An effective asthma-related healthcare appointment starts before you enter your provider's office. Arm yourself with key insights about asthma and allergies prior to your visit.
Allergy Testing: Understanding Your Options
Blood test. Skin-prick. Food allergy challenge. Provocation. Learn the pros and cons of each allergy-testing option.
A Parent's Guide to Managing Allergies and Asthma During COVID-19
Allergy Insider offers five COVID-conscious suggestions to help manage childhood allergies and asthma, along with tips to prepare for an effective telehealth appointment.
Social distancing is a best practice. What does it mean for allergies?
Thanks to COVID-19, we're spending more time at home and outdoors, both of which can be allergen rich. Learn four tips to mitigate allergic responses in our new normal.
Five Things You Need to Know About COVID-19 Vaccines and Allergic Reactions
Are COVID-19 vaccines safe for those with allergies, and what allergy-related symptoms might occur? Get answers in this five-point Q&A.
Is it the flu, novel coronavirus, or allergies?
Explore which symptoms are commonly associated with each condition, and learn how to reduce environmental-allergen exposure and limit the spread of germs.