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Your go-to source for allergy profile test codes

Access a personalized list of allergy profile test codes in your area with just a few clicks. 

Filter your search based on location and type of allergy profile for customized results.

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Lab Ordering Guide

Search for allergy profile test codes with confidence. 

Easy to use: 

Simply enter your zip code and select the profile type you're looking for.

Personalized results:

Access customized information based on location, clinically optimal profiles, and preferred lab to find the most relevant diagnostic tests.

Get the full picture:

Get an inside look at profiles and the allergens included within. Easily copy test codes to use for ordering.

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{{dialogOptions.disclaimerText ? dialogOptions.disclaimerText : "*Information provided is valid only as of the date and time printed. This information is based on data provided by third party sources. Thermo Fisher Scientific assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of such information."}}

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