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Your bimonthly newsletter for all things allergy

Get the latest in allergy

Quick Draw is a quick-read newsletter that keeps you and your practice up to date on everything related to allergies, like important food and respiratory resources including news, continuing education opportunities, case studies and more. Don’t miss out. 

Disclaimer: Quick Draw is only available in the United States. If you sign up from a different country we are unable to email you at this time. 

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Who should sign up? 

Patients with allergies come in all shapes and sizes. Quick Draw contains important information for healthcare providers, including primary care physicians and specialists.  

What to expect 

Quick Draw is brought to you by Thermo Fisher Scientific. Each issue will offer different tools and resources. Check out a couple examples here.

Thermo Fisher Scientific is a global leader in allergy and autoimmune diagnostics.


Along with practice parameters and guidelines for clinicians, Thermo Fisher Scientific provides clinical and laboratory training and support, including enhanced clinical insights beyond results.

50 years

Phadia AB, owned by Thermo Fisher Scientific, has provided continuous diagnostic innovations for more than five decades.