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Phadia Laboratory Systems

From a world leader in allergy and autoimmunity diagnostics.

Take on a higher test volume with fewer resources, while still delivering reliable, accurate results.

No matter the lab size or test volume, unlock your lab's full potential with Phadia laboratory instruments.

Automated and flexible systems made to fit your specific lab.

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*The Phadia 2500+ series comprises the Phadia 2500, Phadia 2500E, and Phadia 2500EE instruments.

Want to embody efficiency? Need more automation? Desire to maximize patient outcomes?

Our workflow and laboratory experts are here to help you transform into your ideal lab.

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Smoother than your most flawless blood smear,
Phadia systems’ workflow makes efficiency seem effortless.


Boot up and head out

With low hands-on time during start up and automatic shutdown and rinse capabilities, you're able to walk away until it’s time to review results.1-3


28-day calibration curve1-3

All Phadia™ Laboratory Systems utilize master calibration curves by isotype, allowing more time for testing with less upkeep and waste.

Allergy and autoimmunity testing capabilities1-3

Consolidate your testing with Phadia Systems’ ability to run both ImmunoCAP Allergy solutions and EliA Autoimmunity solutions.*

*Does not include the Phadia™ 1000 system, which runs only ImmunoCAP Allergy solutions.

Every lab is different.

Which Phadia instrument is the catalyst for your lab’s excellence?

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Unlock your lab’s potential with Phadia instruments today.

  1. Phadia® 250 User Manual 12-3904-01/EN Edition 2.2. published 2017 Sep.
  2. Phadia® 1000 User Manual 12-3803-01/EN Edition 2.6. published 2020 July
  3. Phadia® 2500 and Phadia 5000® User Manual EN Edition 1.1. published 2012 March