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Customized Products and Special Allergen Service

Customized products services


Through its unique Special Allergen Service, Thermo Fisher Scientific enables customers to keep their laboratory on the cutting edge of allergy research. With 50 years of experience in IgE detection and immunoassay development, we can offer a range of services using our unique knowledge and expertise to quantify immune response for your specific needs. At times, a test may be needed for rare allergens, antigens, or those not yet commercially available.


Thermo Fisher Scientific offers:

Allergy research:1-4

  • Rare allergens and customized ImmunoCAP™ tests.
  • Requests on coupling of novel allergens.
  • Research collaborations using emerging allergens.

Customized products for the manufacturing industry:5

  • Follow-up of occupational allergen sensitization for the manufacturing industry, e.g., sensitization to enzymes handled in factories.

Customized products for biopharma:6,7

  • Immunogenicity testing of biologics, e.g., sIgE*, sIgG*, and sIgG4 to biological drugs in clinical studies and post market surveillance.



Products from Special Allergen Service are always for research use only (RUO) and should be validated for their intended use. Contact your local representative for more information.

*Regulatory status and commercial availability of products varies across countries. Contact your local Thermo Fisher Scientific representative to confirm availability.


Learn more about Special Allergen Service. Contact your local representative.
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These products may not be cleared for use in your country. Please contact your sales representative for information about specific product availability.
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