Only 11% of patients with rhinitis have been allergy tested1

Help identify allergic triggers by tracking your symptoms. 

Only 11% of patients with rhinitis have been allergy tested1

Help identify allergic triggers by tracking your symptoms. 

To know is the win.   

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We offer evidence-based, educational information about allergic conditions to help you make more empowered and informed health decisions. All our content is fact-checked, reviewed, and approved by our scientific and medical affairs team. 

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Allergens come in all shapes and sizes, so staying on top of symptoms isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach.

Types & Symptoms

There are many different types of tests for allergic triggers. But did you know there is a blood test that can accurately measure sensitization to hundreds of allergens with a single blood sample?

Allergy Testing

Allergies affect people in different ways, but relief is possible, and one thing is certain: There is life beyond allergies.

Living with Allergies

Our Mission

Allergy Insider strives to be a trusted source to help people better understand allergies, from symptoms and triggers to testing and management. Why? So that you can make informed decisions about your health and the health of those you care for.  

Here’s how we do it:  

  • We rely on medical and scientific journals to support all the information we share, meaning everything is researched and referenced.  
  • All our content is fact-checked and reviewed by our scientific and medical affairs team, which comprises practicing healthcare providers, to ensure what we share is medically accurate and up to date.  
  • We break down complex topics into easy-to-digest (and easy-to-remember) nuggets of information you can share with family members, childcare providers, healthcare providers, colleagues, and anyone else who may benefit from it.  
  • We educate the public—from healthcare providers and caregivers to people with allergies (suspected and/or diagnosed).    
  • We partner with allergists and various allergy-focused organizations to continue to support the allergy community with trustworthy information and engaging conversations about all things allergy and to present diverse perspectives and personal stories.  
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Can I eat baked goods if I have an egg allergy? How do I read a food label? Do I have a cold, or is it allergies? Explore a range of allergy-related topics to answer these questions and countless more. 


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