Reverse transcriptase reaction in 10 minutes—enzyme processivity.

Inhibitors in reverse transcriptase reaction.

Understanding reverse transcriptase—effects on Ct value.

The SuperScript IV enzyme has been further engineered for performance optimization in the presence of inhibitors, and the reaction buffer has also been optimized for robust cDNA synthesis from a wide range of samples.

When compared with SuperScript III Reverse Transcriptase (and other manufacturers’ RTs) in a synthesis reaction of a 9 kb cDNA, SuperScript IV Reverse Transcriptase performed successful synthesis in just 10 minutes and did so with comparable (or improved) yield (as shown by gel band density, below).

For qPCR applications, we recommend the SuperScript™ IV VILO™ Master Mix which has been specifically designed for great performance and convenience for RT-qPCR applications.

The only change is that the reverse transcription incubation time has been reduced from 50 minutes to 10 minutes. All the other parameters and steps are the same.