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Smart OMNI-Sampler™ Germanium ATR Sampling Accessory

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Industrial & Applied Science

Thermo Scientific™ Smart OMNI-Sampler is a good choice when you need to make fast and simple measurements but face a wide range of different sample types—solids or liquids. The Smart OMNI-Sampler is a single reflection Germanium ATR sampling accessory that fulfills a wide array of application needs. In addition to routine solids and liquids, it facilitates the analysis of difficult samples, such as dark carbon-filled samples, single polymer beads, hard rigid polymers, and coatings on glass substrates. The Smart OMNI-Sampler is a cost effective alternative to diamond sampling accessories. It is as easy to use as “position, click, and scan”.
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Performance Features

  • Extremely rugged germanium ATR crystal has a spectral range of 4000 to 675cm-1
  • Domed crystal design produces a nominal 2x reduction in the beam diameter to provide: enhanced sensitivity, the ability to run smaller samples and the ability to ensure optimal contact by exerting more pressure on the sample Point-to-point contact facilitates the analysis of hard, rigid, unyielding, and difficult-to-analyze samples Germanium crystal gives a shallow depth of penetration that is ideal for highly absorbing carbon filled samples, and thin surface analyses
  • Tilt back pressure tower for easy access to crystal for cleaning and sample positioning Slip-clutch mechanism ensures that the correct pressure is applied every time
  • Liquid holder can be attached easily and is optimized for small volumes and easy cleaning


Crystal Material: Germanium; spectral data down to 675 cm-1

Sampling Area: 2mm diameter

Crystal Angle: 45° (single reflection)

Depth of Penetration: Approximately 0.67μm at 2000cm-1

Useful pH Range: 1 to 14

Sample Volume: 1.86mL

Pressure Device: Tilt-back pressure tower or Lightning Viewer, both with fail-safe mechanism to prevent crystal damage The optional Lightning Viewer allows precise positioning of very small samples on the germanium surface. The Lightning Viewer features a sapphire surface and allows application of the same “turn and click” slip clutch pressure as the standard pressure device.

Recommended for:

  • Single polymer beads
  • Single filaments
  • Formed, rigid polymers
  • Paint chips
  • Printed circuit boards
  • Paper/contaminants
  • Carbon-filled materials (o-rings)
  • Liquids, including aqueous solutions, corrosives, and caustics