Gateway™ Vector Conversion System with One Shot™ ccdB Survival Cells

Catalog number:  11828029

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Gateway Cloning

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The Gateway® Vector Conversion System is designed to convert any vector into a Gateway® destination vector using restriction endonucleases and ligase. A Gateway® cassette containing attR recombination sites flanking a ccdB gene (1) and a chloramphenicol-resistance gene are blunt-end cloned into the multiple cloning site of any vector. ccdB Survival 2 competent cells allow propagation of the Gateway® vectors containing the ccdB gene. The Gateway® Vector Conversion System offers:
• Conversion of any expression vector into a Gateway® destination vector
• Three cassettes to construct a destination vector in the correct reading frame. Each cassette has a unique restriction site to easily distinguish the cassettes and screen for the correct orientation.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.



Antibiotic Resistance Bacterial: Chloramphenicol (CmR)
Bacterial or Yeast Strain: ccdB Survival™ 2
Cloning Method: Gateway®
Product Line: One Shot™

Contents & storage

The Gateway® Vector Conversion System contains Gateway® Reading Frame Cassettes A, B, and C.1, pENTR™-gus positive control, and One Shot® ccdB Survival Cells. Store DNA at -20°C and competent cells at -80°C.