PureLink™ Viral Collection Tubes

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The PureLink® Viral RNA/DNA Mini Kit is a nucleic acid purification system designed for fast and easy isolation of viral RNA or DNA from cell-free samples, such as serum, plasma, and cerebrospinal fluid. Starting sample volumes can be as high as 500 µl and elution volumes as low as 10 µl, allowing for a 50-fold concentration of nucleic acids. The higher target concentration obtained using the PureLink® Viral RNA/ DNA Mini Kit provides greater sensitivity and accuracy in downstream detection procedures such as real-time PCR or endpoint analysis. Specially formulated buffers enable the purification of RNA or DNA, allowing one system to be used for all your virus extraction samples. In addition, the kit provides sufficient quantities of lysis buffer to address large starting sample volumes.

• Yields highly concentrated viral nucleic acids for greater sensitivity in detection - start with 500 µl of sample and elute in just 10 µl volume
• One kit provides a complete solution for virus extraction - both RNA and DNA viruses can be extracted and concentrated
• Spin column technology - achieve fast and easy purification with excellent reproducibility (Figure 1)
• Produces high-quality DNA and RNA - ideal for downstream applications such as real-time PCR and endpoint analysis
Ct values were consistently lower for samples prepared with the PureLink® Viral RNA/DNA Mini Kit (Figure 2), indicating greater sensitivity.

In addition, the quantitation was accurate down to 20 pfu compared to samples prepared with the kit from supplier Q, which leveled off at 200 pfu. Results indicate an improvement in the recovery of viral RNA as well as greater overall consistency of quantitative amplification.

Lower Ct values were obtained with DNA prepared with the PureLink ™ Viral RNA/DNA Mini Kit as compared to those obtained using the kit from supplier Q (Figure 3), indicating greater sensitivity of detection of viral DNA. The data demonstrate that the PureLink® Viral RNA/DNA Mini Kit can recover DNA down to 20 pfu at significantly lower Ct values compared to the competitor’s kit.

The PureLink® Viral RNA/DNA Mini Kit yielded target molecules of consistently lower Ct values compared to the EZ1 Kit; in some cases as much as 4 cycles earlier (Figure 4). The arrows indicate samples that failed to produce a Ct value. In total, 14 out of 48 samples failed to produce a Ct when processed on the BioRobot EZ1 (29%), while the PureLink® Viral RNA/DNA Kit failed to provide a Ct value in only 3 samples (6%), of which both replicates extracted with the EZ1 Kit also failed to produce a Ct value.

For enhanced viral RNA or DNA detection, the PureLink® Viral RNA/DNA Mini Kit has been demonstrated to give lower Ct values and increased nucleic acid recovery when compared to competitor products using volumes recommended by the supplier. The flexibility of the PureLink® Viral RNA/DNA Mini Kit with respect to sample volume, elution volume, and virus type makes it the best solution for purifying viral RNA or DNA.

Contents and storage:
The PureLink® Viral RNA/DNA Mini Kit contains Mini Spin Columns in Collection Tubes, Collection Tubes, Recovery Tubes, Lyophilized Carrier RNA, Proteinase K, Lysis Buffer, 5X Wash Buffer II, and RNase-free Water. Each kit contains sufficient material for 50 purifications. The kit is shipped at room temperature; upon receipt, store the lyophilized carrier RNA at -20°C and the proteinase K at 4°C. Stored as directed, the kit is stable for 1 year.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Product Line: PureLink™
Product Size: 100 tubes
Purity or Quality Grade: DNase-Free, RNase-Free
Sample Type (General): Liquid Samples (e.g. Serum), Viral Samples
Tube Type: Sample Tube

Contents & storage

Store at room temperature.


Manuals & protocols