S1 Nuclease

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S1 Nuclease is a single-strand-specific endonuclease that hydrolyzes single-stranded RNA or DNA into 5´ mononucleotides. The enzyme will hydrolyze single-stranded regions in duplex DNA such as loops and gaps. S1 Nuclease is stable at 65°C.

Nuclease mapping techniques (1,2). Removal of single-stranded regions from double-stranded DNA (3). Exo III-ordered sequencing (4).

Isolated from Aspergillus oryzae.

Performance and Quality Testing:
Double-strand-specific deoxyribonuclease and phosphatase assays.

Unit Definition:
One unit hydrolyzes 1 µg of denatured DNA to acid-soluble material in 1 min. at 37°C.

Unit Reaction Conditions:
30 mM sodium acetate (pH 4.6), 50 mM NaCl, 1 mM zinc acetate, 0.5 mg/ml heat-denatured DNA, 5% (v/v) glycerol, and enzyme in 0.5 ml for 10 min. at 37°C.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Enzyme: Nuclease
Shipping Condition: Approved for shipment on Wet or Dry Ice

Contents & storage

S1 Nuclease is supplied with a vial of 10X S1 Nuclease buffer [300 mM sodium acetate (pH 4.6), 10 mM zinc acetate, 50% (v/v) glycerol], vial of dilution buffer, vial of 3 M NaCl. Store at -20°C.