Thermo Scientific™

Decappers 500/550, 12-Channel

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Lab Automation

The Thermo Scientific™ Decapper 500 provides automated decapping and capping of Thermo Scientific™ Matrix™ and Thermo Scientific™ Nunc™ Tubes with screw top closures in ANSI racks. Quick Switch Technology allows researchers who use both Matrix and Nunc tubes to seamlessly switch between cap and rack styles with only a quick switch of the cap adaptors. The decapper is expertly designed with workflow efficiency in mind; it does not require spacers when switching between Matrix and Nunc racks, and permits vertical and horizontal rack placement with row by row decapping for any workflow preference. The Decapper 550 includes a built-in barcode reader, eliminating the need for additional instruments. 
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Quick Switch Technology
  • Cap and decap Matrix and Nunc caps, in either 96- or 48-format racks, with same instrument by swapping cap adaptors in the head of the unit, eliminating the need of another decapper
  • Adaptor changing is a quick manual manipulation and no extra hardware needed
Modular Industrial Design
  • Turntable easily enables any rack orientation for pipetting or robotic access
  • No spacers necessary for varying heights between Matrix and Nunc racks and tubes
  • Row Loop Mode special setting designed to enable manual hand-pipetting into decapping process.
  • Safe Mode enables optimal threading during capping, so threads do not cross thread and lead to unsecure capping
  • Decapping head is easily removed for maintenance and service
Touchscreen User Interface
  • Graphical user interface speeds learning and is intuitive across all user types
  • Program directly on the touchscreen, no PC necessary to program decapping
  • Flexible positioning of screen for workflow adaptation
Remote Diagnostics and Easy Servicing
  • Instrument data can be exported for remote technical support troubleshooting
  • Removable head can be serviced or exchanged without shipping whole unit back or bringing field service