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Pierce™ Immunostain Enhancer

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Thermo Scientific Pierce Immunostain Enhancer enables significant antibody dilution (5- to 20-fold beyond normal) to increase signal intensity 3- to 12-fold in immunostaining applications with chromogenic or fluorescent substrates.

Features of Immunostain Enhancer:

Save precious antibody—Pierce Immunostain Enhancer allows the customer to use only a fraction of antibody to achieve the same signal as with conventional immunodetection
Convenience—simply replace your current antibody dilution buffer with Pierce Immunostain Enhancer (unlike other signal enhancement methods which require additional steps)
Increased signal intensity and sensitivity—provides 3- to 12- fold increase in signal intensity and sensitivity for improved visualization of the antigen of interest in cells and tissues
Improved specificity—significantly improves signal-to-noise ratio for poor quality and low affinity antibodies
Compatible—can be used with chromogenic and fluorescent detection methods

This ready-to-use enhancer for immunohistochemical staining does not add steps to the workflow because it is used to dilute the primary and secondary antibodies. The Pierce Immunostain Enhancer is compatible with fluorescence and chromogenic detection and routinely increases both signal intensity and detection sensitivity. Signal enhancement is antibody-dependent and typically ranges from 3- to 12-fold. Because of the strong signal enhancement, the Pierce Immunostain Enhancer reduces the amount of antibody required to achieve optimal detection.

The Pierce Immunostain Enhancer enables significant dilution of primary and secondary antibodies. Dilution 5- to 20-fold beyond the antibody vendor's recommendation has been used successfully; however, the dilution factor varies depending on the antibody, tissue, and antigen.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Form: Liquid
Product Line: Pierce™
Reagent Type: Signal Enhancers
Validated Application: Immunohistochemistry
Quantity: 20 mL

Contents & storage

Upon receipt store at 4°C.