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5014i Beta Continuous Ambient Particulate Monitor

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Measure PM-10, PM-2.5 or PM-1 mass concentrations with the Thermo Scientific™ 5014i Beta Continuous Ambient Particulate Monitor. The 5014i distinguishes itself from other beta measurement methods by utilizing a continuous (non-step wise) mass measurement with a proven industry standard which provides for long-term unattended operation. To accurately address potential water bias and volatile loss, the Dynamic Heating System allows the user to hold the sample temperature at a fixed value or below a relative humidity threshold.

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Key Features:
  • Flash memory for increased data storage
  • Enhanced Ethernet connectivity
  • Remote data access
  • Easily programmable shortcut keys
  • iPort communication software
  • Modular design for future upgrades and enhancements
  • Auto-advance of the particulate-laden sample filter in accordance with user-defined parameters such as mass accumulation limits, timed intervals or the continuous flow rate relative to pressure changes
  • Filter tape that advances in a continuous pattern instead of a stepwise pattern mitigating particle losses.
  • Filter tape that auto-advances if the sample exceeds maximum loading criteria

Used to monitor ambient air quality in the following major applications:

  • Air quality monitoring networks, including background sites
  • Special studies and supersites
  • Routine input for air quality index
  • In and around industrial and material handling facilities
  • Remediation projects (Superfund, hazardous waste
  • Indoor air, exposure chamber, and industrial hygiene measurements
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