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Specimen Clamp and Accessories

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Anatomical Pathology

Get the most out of your Thermo Scientific™ microtome with this Thermo Scientific™ Specimen Clamp and Accessories.
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Segment Arc

  • For universal specimen holder with 360° rotation and standard accurate orientation of ±30°
  • Works in addition to specimen orientation in the X- and Y-axis
  • Settings via drive mechanism

Universal Specimen Holder

  • For flat and round specimens up to 8mm used with the segment arc

Standard Specimen Clamp

  • With fixed upper jaw ensuring greatest stability, orientation on X- and Y-axes, and rotation for accurate positioning
  • Maximum specimen size: 55 × 50mm
  • Silver model is for newer HM 325, HM 355S, and HM 340E models with serial numbers above 34000

Insert for Round Specimens

  • To be fitted in the standard specimen clamp
  • Tandem spring-loaded system ensures easy insertion of the specimen without tilting or squeezing
  • Optimal stability
  • Easy removal of the round specimen
  • When working with round specimen clamps, the standard specimen clamp must be equipped with a jaw light (Cat. No. 546080)

Jaw light used for weight reduction with inserts for round specimens

  • V-Insert for standard specimen clamps to assist in holding round specimens

  • V-Distance Piece for standard specimen clamps

  • Specimen Stages work with standard specimen clamp with V-insert

  • Universal Cassette Clamp with clamping jaws to be inserted in the microtome standard specimen clamp

    Foil Clamp

    • To be fitted in the standard specimen clamp
    • Spring-loaded jaws secure the specimen in position
    • A compensation slot in the jaw ensures perfect specimen clamping and constant section thicknesses
    • Orienting on Z-axis
    • Intermediate ring ensures alignment in X/Y zero-position