Thermo Scientific™

Pharma mini HME Micro Compounder Accessories

Accessories for the Pharma miniHME Micro Compounder used for Hot Melt Extrusion in research and development in the pharmaceutical industry.
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Thermo Scientific™ CaliCut™ Post-extrusion System highlights:
  • Control precision: a 1D laser diameter gauge adjusts and pulls the strand enabling the diameter to be adjusted within set tolerances. A nominal strand diameter of 0.2 mm – 6 mm can be produced in conjunction with a nominal length of 1 mm – 200 mm.
  • Maximize flexibility: available with 350 mm, 700 mm or even 1200 mm belt lengths for cooling to meet a broad range of polymer formulation and throughput needs. Two different cutting mechanisms, a rotary and a linear cutting blade, optimize final implant sizing for a wide variety of implant materials. Make up to 600 cuts/minute.
  • Be 21 CFR part 11 compliant: stainless steel housing conforms to GMP guidelines while the software is used to control user access levels secures data export, and provide audit support. Documentation for IQ/OQ is provided.