Thermo Scientific™

HyperSep™ Retain PEP Plates

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Industrial Chromatography

Get balanced retention for polar and nonpolar analytes with Thermo Scientific™ HyperSep™ Retain PEP Plates, packed with a high capacity, high purity, highly porous polystyrene DVB material modified with urea functional groups. With chemistry pH stable 0 to 14, the of these cartridges in SPE sample preparation can significantly enhance the robustness and reliability of many biological, pharmaceutical, forensic and environmental applications.
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Features: Ideal for large samples, Hypersep Retain SPE wells conform to industry standard configurations and allow efficient routine processing by vacuum, positive pressure or centrifugation.
  • [bullet] High, consistent recoveries
  • [bullet] Fast and easy sample preparation and method development
  • [bullet] Reproducible, reliable sample preparation in a traditional format
  • [bullet] Available in a wide range of chemistries and bed weights
  • [bullet] Drugs and metabolites in biological fluids
  • [bullet] Peptides in serum, plasma or biological fluids
  • [bullet] Environmental samples
For Use With: The Thermo Scientific™ HyperSep-96™ System