Thermo Scientific™

Nalgene™ 280 Polyurethane Tubing

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General Plasticware

Perform high-purity work with ester-grade Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ 280 Polyurethane Tubing, which exhibits excellent abrasion and flex-fatigue resistance, as well as low-temperature resilience.
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  • Contains no plasticizers and only low levels of extractables for high-purity applications
  • Superior chemical resistance to fuels, oils, and some solvents (not recommended for aqueous solutions)
  • Resistant to atmospheric ozone, aliphatic hydrocarbons and petroleum products for longer life and versitility
  • This transparent, non-autoclavable tubing is marked every 12 in. for cutting and can be gas sterilized
  • Ideal for peristaltic pump applications

Ordering Information:

In packs of 50ft. (15.2m)

Warranty: 90 days. For warranty terms, please contact

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