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GeneChip™ HT 3' IVT PLUS Reagent Kit

Catalog number:  902417

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GeneChip™ HT 3' IVT PLUS Reagent Kit (HT 3' IVT PLUS Kit) is designed for automation of the target preparation process for expression analysis on Applied Biosystems 3' IVT arrays. Built with reagent chemistries identical to Applied Biosystems GeneChip 3' IVT PLUS Reagent Kit, this high-throughput (HT) solution allows the user to generate hybridization-ready targets from input RNA with minimal hands-on time.

The kit includes two amplification kit modules coupled with hybridization and controls kits for preparing hybridization-ready targets from total RNA. The kit is a complete target preparation solution that provides:
• GeneChip 3' IVT PLUS Amplification Kit (Module 1 and Module 2)
• GeneChip Hybridization Control Kit
• GeneChip Poly-A RNA Control Kit

HT 3' IVT PLUS Kit chemistry generates amplified and biotinylated complementary RNA (cRNA, also known as amplified RNA or aRNA), from poly-A RNA in a total RNA sample. HT 3' IVT PLUS Kit uses reverse transcription by priming at the poly-A tail junction of RNA to provide gene expression profiles from mRNA. RNA amplification is based upon linear amplification and employs well-standardized T7 in vitro transcription (IVT) technology.

Features and benefits
• Automated protocol enables the processing of up to 96 samples with minimal hands-on time
• Low RNA input requirement – as little as 50 ng total RNA input
• Protocol optimization with no initial primer annealing or cDNA purification step for a streamlined workflow
• Magnetic bead purification for enhanced recovery to generate sufficient target
• Built-in controls to provide effective troubleshooting

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


For Use With (Application): Transcriptome Profiling
Product Line: GeneChip™
Reagent Type: Sample preparation reagents