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TaqMan™ Advanced miRNA Assay

Catalog number:  A25576

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Real Time PCR (qPCR)

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Applied Biosystems TaqMan Advanced miRNA Assays enable highly sensitive and specific quantification of mature miRNAs using qPCR. Together with the TaqMan Advanced miRNA cDNA Synthesis Kit, this solution provides a streamlined upfront workflow that is ideal for analysis of multiple miRNA targets from a single sample or low-level RNA samples such as serum and plasma.

Universal RT—one RT step for all TaqMan Advanced miRNA Assays
Sensitivity—detect as few as 60 copies input into cDNA synthesis
Specificity—detect only the mature miRNA and distinguish between highly homologous targets
Small sample input—detect and quantify mature miRNA from as little as 1 pg total RNA or 2 µL plasma
Compatibility with biofluids including human serum, plasma, and tissue

TaqMan miRNA Assay selection guide
 TaqMan MicroRNA AssaysTaqMan Advanced miRNA Assays
DescriptionTaqMan MicroRNA Assays employ a novel target-specific stem–loop primer during cDNA synthesis to produce a template for real-time PCRTaqMan Advanced miRNA Assays employ a universal RT step for a streamlined workflow, and a universal miR-Amp step to enable highly sensitive detection by real-time PCR
RT chemistrymiRNA-specific RTUniversal RT
ThroughputBest for 1–10 targetsBest for >10 targets
Coverage205 species available, coverage for miRBase v.21All human, mouse, and rat miRNAs; coverage for miRBase v.21
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


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Product Line: TaqMan™
Shipping Condition: Room Temperature

Contents & storage

1 tube containing a 20X mix of pre-formulated assay (1 probe and 2 primers).

Store at -15 to -25°C.