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Qubit™ Food Protection Starter Pack

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Food & Beverage

Quickly and accurately quantify extracted DNA using the highly sensitive Thermo Scientific™ Qubit™ The Qubit Food Protection Starter Pack is for use with the Thermo Scientific™ NGS Food Authenticity Workflow.

The Thermo Scientific NGS Food Authenticity Workflow allows identification of the meat, plant or fish species present in even the most challenging sample types, protecting your business from food fraud.

The Qubit Food Protection Starter Pack provides everything you need for 500 test reactions―a Qubit 4 Fluorometer, Qubit Assay Tubes and Qubit dsDNA BR Assay Kit.

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Identification of the species present in food and feed samples is a critical step for proof of authenticity, verification of origin, traceability of raw materials, and quality control of handling and cleaning processes in food production lines.

The Qubit Food Protection Starter Pack is designed to quickly and specifically measure DNA quantity. The Qubit Fluorometer and Qubit dsDNA BR Assay Kit work together to accurately quantify double-stranded DNA (dsDNA) extracted from the sample and allow dilution of the DNA to the required volume for testing.

Rapid and accurate

  • Fast and highly accurate of DNA in less than three seconds per sample
  • Stores result from up to 1000 samples


  • Easy workflow navigation due to a large 5.7-inch, state-of-the-art color touchscreen
  • The graphical display indicates when samples are in the extended range or out of range, while onboard reagent calculator quickly generates Qubit working solution preparation instructions
  • Saves bench space: the carefully designed Qubit 4 Fluorometer occupies only a small amount of bench space.  
  •  Exports data to a USB drive or directly to your computer via a USB cable


  • Allows you to personalize your Qubit fluorometer with the assays you run the most, add new assays, or even create your own assays with the MyQubit software and web tool
  • Enables you to choose your language including English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, simplified Chinese, and Japanese

Single sample measurements
This user-friendly fluorometer is combined with quick and simple assay procedure using a simple mix and read format.  Calculations and settings are automatically performed by the instrument. 

The starter pack includes the following:

  • One Qubit 4 Fluorometer
  • Qubit Assay Tubes (set of 500)
  • Qubit dsDNA BR Assay Kit, 500 assays
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.