Thermo Scientific™

CB Omni-R Upgrade

Extend the life of your PGNAA online analyzer with a Thermo Scientific™ CB Omni-R Upgrade. This cost-effective package provides a refurbished and retrofitted system to bring aging online cross belt analyzers up to modern technology standards. Existing shielding and structural components are used as installed to minimize costs, while all electronics, software, computer hardware, and detector systems are replaced. All CB Omni-R upgrades include automatic belt load compensation (ABLC) that ensures analyzer accuracy over a wide range of real-time variable flow rates and belt loads.
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The CB Omni-R package replaces outdated and potentially obsolete analog electronics with modern, state-of-the-art and highly reliable digital electronics. The new CB Omni Random Pulse Processor 4 (RPP4), included in the upgrade, is the most advanced digital signal processor on the market today specifically designed by our scientists and engineers for PGNAA online analyzers.
  • Avoids hardware and software obsolescence 
  • Eliminates air conditioner where applicable 
  • Reduces component count 
  • Extends product life cycle 
  • Improves hardware connectivity and networking 
  • Incorporates automatic belt load compensation (ABLC) 
  • Reduces repair time 
  • Allows flexible connectivity 
  • Upgrades electronics