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Industrial Mass Spectrometry

Accelerate the early drug discovery process with the unsurpassed quantitative LC-MS/MS capabilities of Thermo Scientific™ TSQ-series triple quadrupole mass spectrometers and Thermo Scientific™ QuickQuan™ software. Developed in partnership with multinational pharmaceutical companies, QuickQuan software simplifies and automates the analysis and quantification of the chemically diverse compounds studied during lead discovery and optimization. Generated data is stored in a central database for fast retrieval and to eliminate the need to re-optimize the LC-MS/MS when performing multiple assays.

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  • Optimizes individual compounds automatically in about one minute using an infusion-based, valve-switching auto-tuning procedure
  • Stores data in a Microsoft™ Access™ or Oracle™ database to allow fast and retrieval of compound-specific information and re-analysis via multiple assays without re-optimizing the LC-MS/MS tune conditions


  • Achieves high sensitivity and analysis of difficult-to-ionize compounds using high-resolution selected reaction monitoring (H-SRM) and a Thermo Scientific HESI-II probe
  • Identifies the optimal SRM transitions using advanced techniques such as reversed energy ramp (RER) scanning
  • Uses breakdown curves to determine the optimum collision energy, ensuring the highest possible sensitivity for quantification


QuickQuan software manages experiments using a central Microsoft Access or Oracle database, enabling plug-and-play installation of additional instruments to meet future requirements.


QuickQuan software is available in three options: Software Only, QuickQuan Basic, and the fully-automated column switching option—QuickQuan Total Solution.

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