Thermo Scientific™

NIR Standards and References

Thermo Scientific™ NIR Standards and References for Antaris FT-NIR help you fulfill regulatory requirements using certified and traceable standards. These industry-recommended standards can be incorporated into the ValPro™ Qualification testing routines. They also supplement the NIST-traceable and serialized validation wheel available with the ValPro System Qualification Package.

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Standard reference materials are available for both reflectance and transmission sampling techniques.

External Reflectance Standards

  • Reflection Standards Kit consisting of six linearity standards-99%, 80%, 40%, 20%, 10% and 2% reflective
  • KTA-1920x NIST™-Traceable Reflection Standard for the measurement of wavelength accuracy and precision
  • 99% Reflective Diffuse Gold Reflection Standard
  • Polystyrene Wavelength reference sample
  • 99% Reflective Spectralon reference sample

External Transmission Standards

  • Transmission Standards Kit consisting of five linearity standards-80%, 40%, 20%, 10% and 2% transmission
  • NIST-Traceable Polystyrene Wavelength Transmission standard