Thermo Scientific™

Owl™ Dual-Gel Vertical Electrophoresis Systems

Owl™ Dual-Gel Vertical Electrophoresis Systems

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Quickly and easily cast and run one or two gels in the same device using Thermo Scientific™ Owl™ Dual-Gel Vertical Electrophoresis Systems—comprised of the P8DS, P9DS and P10DS Dual Gel Systems.

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Simple, Six-Step Use:

  1. Secure the glass cassettes
  2. Pour the agarose
  3. Plug in the specially designed trough
  4. Cast polyacrylamide solution in the cassettes
  5. Load samples
  6. Run the gel


  • Manufactured using a time-tested acrylic fabrication technology, providing a durable, long-lasting system
  • Central cooling core provides even cooling across the gel surface for outstanding resolution and clear banding
  • Cooling is achieved by circulating fluid through the core with external circulator or cool tap water
  • Very simple clamping mechanism makes loading glass cassettes and most manufacturers' precast gels trouble free

Recommended for:

  • SDS electrophoresis
  • The second dimension of two-dimensional (2-D) electrophoresis
  • Agarose electrophoresis
  • Native electrophoresis


Manuals & protocols