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Matrix MRDS™ (Mobile Radiation Detection System) Kit

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Protect your your facilities, personnel and the public with fast detection of concealed radioactive sources using a real-time radiation threat detection network. The Thermo Scientific™ Matrix MRDS™ (Mobile Radiation Detection System) Kit is a mobile state-of-the-art system that detects, locates and facilitates analysis of radiation threats in real time. Incorporating robust wireless connectivity, the Matrix MRDS Kit ensures error-free reachback data in fixed or mobile modes. The Matrix MRDS Kit can expand to integrate a large number of sensors, enabling comprehensive threat assessment over large areas.
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The Matrix MRDS system incorporates Thermo Scientific™ Natural Background Rejection (NBR) Technology, greatly reducing innocent alarms. NBR quickly distinguishes between natural radiation and artificial sources, using an intelligent self-calibrating process. NBR also greatly enhances sensitivity to real threats, even in the presence of high NORM levels (Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials).

The exceptionally complete line of Thermo Scientific™ radiation probes offers the ability to set up an impenetrable radiation barrier that can cover the spectrum of threatening artificial sources. A fixed or mobile detector network can be flexibly configured and reconfigured as the situation and detection objectives dictate.


  • Centralization of threat data from multiple sources.
  • Detects, analyzes, and locates all radiation threats.
  • Highly configurable: fixed, mobile, or venue-driven.
  • Highly sensitive probes provide fast detection of hidden radioactive sources.
  • Reduces innocent alarms and enhances sensitivity through the use of NBR technology.
  • Modular, rugged design.
  • Ease of maintenance.
  • Secure wireless communications.
  • Fully integrated GPS with mapping.
  • Self-diagnostic capabilities.
  • Supports multiple detector types.
  • Highly-scalable, flexible platform which provides a clear path to additional centralized detection and analysisMultiple power options; battery power up to 3 hours and Vehicle AC power enabled.



Nuclear / chemical plants and other critical facilities

Special events