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Tri-Sil HTP (HDMS:TMCS:Pyridine) Reagent

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Industrial Chromatography

Employ a reagent-catalyst solvent mixture, for one-step derivatization with the Thermo Scientific™ Tri-Sil HTP (HDMS:TMCS:Pyridine) Reagent, Composed of HMDS, TMCS and high-purity pyridine, it rapidly produces TMS derivatives of polar compounds for GC analysis and biochemical synthesis. This versatile reagent is ideally suited for GC determinations of a range of compounds including sugars, alcohols, phenols, steroids, sterols, organic acids, and some amines.
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  • Derivatizes carbohydrates, phenols, steroids, sterols, organic acids, alcohols and some amines
  • Useful for rapid production of TMS derivatives of polar compounds for gas chromatographic determination and biochemical synthesis
  • Versatility, speed and ease of use of Tri-Suil HTP Reagent has made it the most widely used silylation formulation

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General References:

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