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With Alfa Aesar now a part of Thermo Fisher Scientific, we are well on our way to becoming your one-stop source for chemicals, metals and materials, and life science products for all your research and development applications. For more than 50 years, scientists have relied on Alfa Aesar as a service-oriented chemicals supplier.  Register and order online - over 38,000 products in stock, in multiple sizes and purity levels, including novel organics and organometallics, precious metal compounds and catalysts, biochemical reagents, and performance materials for electronics and nanotechnology.

Our in-house manufacturing capabilities and extensive technical expertise enable us to offer custom solutions to meet your product specifications, from gram to ton quantities, and from R&D to full-scale production. 

Our product portfolio has recently expanded to include Affymetrix-USB chemicals and biochemical reagents, now part of Thermo Fisher Scientific. USB products such as ultrapure buffers, substrates, additives, and other chemicals are available from the website. (Please note that catalog numbers for these USB products are now prefixed with a "J", e.g., J11590 instead of 11590.) USB reagents for molecular biology and cell culture applications are available directly from

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Specialty and bulk chemicals

We offer expertise in producing and sourcing a substantial range of products for your research, pilot-scale, or production application. Whether it is a specialty metal product, such as a custom metal fabrication, or a shipment of bulk or semi-bulk chemicals, you will find Alfa Aesar to be the supplier of choice. Many thousands of chemicals and materials can be promptly delivered directly from stock. Learn more ›

Ordering information

You can register and log in on to order products directly from the website. If you are NOT able to register or log in, please contact us:

To order, you can either:

  • Use our Quick Order Entry form (if you know the product details), OR
  • Navigate to a product family page (e.g., Organics > Alcohols) and click on a product number that will take you to the standard order entry page.
    If you need more information about the product you are ordering, click the Technical Inquiry button on the product detail page.

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