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Establishing a cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM) laboratory advances scientific research, providing tangible benefits across the entire institution. Yet sometimes customers don’t have the resources to pay for the equipment and infrastructure or know where they can raise the necessary funding. Thermo Fisher Scientific can help your organization develop a financial plan, pinpointing potential funding sources, and providing unique financing options tailored to meet your specific needs.

The benefits of investing

While cryo-EM requires significant investment, implementing this technology is leading to rapid progress in the search for more precise and powerful treatments for a wide array of human diseases.

Over the last five years, the number of structures solved using Thermo Fisher Scientific cryo-EM microscopes has skyrocketed—and an increasing number of discoveries are being published by leading scientific journals.

Institutions that accommodate cryo-EM facilities are heightening their institutional standing, increasing their reputation as leading scientific organizations, which, in turn, is helping them to attract the best grants, researchers, and students.


single particle analysis financing


single particle analysis financing options

We offer attractive options

Assistance with grants, Equipment leasing and financing, and Help planning your operating expenses.

Assistance with grants

Assistance with grants, Equipment leasing and financing, and Help planning your operating expenses.

Equipment leasing and financing

Financing the equipment for a cryo-EM lab can be a challenge. Our finance professionals understand the unique procurement requirements of universities, governments, industry, and research labs—and we offer innovative financing options to help meet your bottom-line goals.

If desired, our team can get involved early in the process to discuss possible lease programs that will allow you to economically acquire the equipment you need. Among the benefits we offer include competitive, flexible terms, a quick approval process, and an upgrade program that allows our customers to upgrade to new technology every three to five years.

Help planning your operating expenses

When planning a cryo-EM laboratory, it’s important to consider your operating costs in addition to your equipment—including any personnel you need to hire, the service contract for your microscopes, and other running costs, including power consumption and the hard disk drives needed to carry your data. We can help you identify and plan for these costs—helping you avoid any unexpected expenses along the way.

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Single Particle Analysis Financing Options

Financing your cryo electron microscopy laboratory.

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