Download the White Paper: Helical Scanning with Iterative Reconstruction Technology

Download the White Paper: The Surface Analysis Toolbox

Explore the fusion of surface-sensitive techniques for comprehensive sample understanding.

X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) is a very powerful technique for analyzing the elemental and chemical state composition of surfaces. However, there may still be information you require that XPS cannot provide. On Thermo Scientific™ surface analysis systems (Nexsa System and ESCALAB Xi+ XPS Microprobe), it is possible to combine XPS with one or more complementary analysis techniques on a single platform.

Download this white paper to learn how:

  • You can choose the right combination of multiple surface analysis techniques to meet your need to detect additional information on top of XPS.
  • The Nexsa System can combine XPS with Raman and reflection electron loss spectroscopy (REELS) to more fully characterize graphene for chemical bonding states, defects, and electronic structure.
  • The ESCALAB Xi+ XPS Microprobe allows you to configure Auger for smaller features to be analyzed than is possible with XPS alone.