Shipping and Handling Charges

Our Commitment to Our Customers

Safely delivering high-quality products that arrive to researchers in peak performance condition is a strategic imperative for Life Technologies. This service includes temperature sensitive and hazardous reagents that require sophisticated handling processes and priority shipment. There have been significant increases in transportation costs over the past few years.  Life Technologies is working hard to contain these costs and provide efficient and cost-effective supply chain solutions to its customers.  
Life Technologies uses air freight and surface carriers to ensure prompt and cost-effective delivery of each order. Life Technologies’s standard policy is to complete delivery for stocked catalog products within 48 hours of receiving the order. Life Technologies strives to exceed this commitment whenever possible with an independent survey ranking Life Technologies as the industry leader for order fulfillment and value for service. Life Technologies also guarantees optimal performance upon arrival (with the exception of customers utilizing collect carriers).

Unique Facets of the Life Technologies Supply Chain

The sensitivity of many Life Technologies products to temperature necessitates the utilization of premium shipping services for most orders. Life Technologies ships at room temperature or on dry ice, gel ice, or wet ice, as detailed in the product descriptions. Some Life Technologies products may present flammable, corrosive, acute and chronic, toxic, reactive, or other hazards and may require special handling for safe delivery and to meet regulatory standards. These products are labeled accordingly and carry separate, additional $17.50 per order charges which are added to the invoice for all orders requiring shipment on ice and $23.00 per order charges for all orders containing hazardous materials. Life Technologies is actively working on specialized packaging to reduce costs and offset the impact of unnecessary packaging and shipments to the environment.

To mitigate customer exposure to the significant cost of heavy liquid and ice shipments, variable handling charges are invoiced at the order level and based upon the value of the order not the weight of the shipment. Dry ice and gel packs specifically increase the size, weight, and cost of shipments as well as the complexity of our packing, handling and distribution processes. A single customer order often results in multiple shipments due to the need to transport products at different temperatures or from different manufacturing sites. Despite this, Life Technologies charges applicable fees only once per order. This is a key component of our value proposition, enabling customers to take cost out of their supply chain via order aggregation and vendor consolidation.

Customers requesting priority next day delivery or “must ship” may choose to take advantage of an optional Premium Delivery service by placing a phone order to our Customer Service organization. Orders must be received by 5:45pm Eastern and inventory must be available, with applicable orders being exposed to an additional $24.95 premium delivery fee. Life Technologies’s premium delivery service guarantees a next day shipment vs the standard 48 hour policy commitment. Saturday and Monday delivery are also available for additional fees to most locations; please contact your customer service agent for more information.

Life Technologies Delivery Policy

All Products shipped by Life Technologies to Customer designated delivery locations are FOB Shipping Point unless otherwise specified. Life Technologies does not ship to post office boxes. Although Life Technologies will attempt to ensure that the inventory availability of Products is properly designated, from time-to-time even those Products designated as in inventory will not be available at time of shipment. Life Technologies further reserves the right to make delivery in installments for those items of an Order, which are available for immediate shipment, and to bill separately for any such items delivered. Customers may cancel those items on the Order that are subject to the delay by notice to Life Technologies within 48 hours of receipt of the delay notification, provided that such Products have not yet been shipped. If Life Technologies receives no such notice of cancellation, the estimated product availability and shipment date will be deemed accepted. Life Technologies shall not be liable for any late shipment or any failure to ship any Product(s). Life Technologies has a no cancellation policy for custom items.

Upon issuance of an Order by a Customer, Life Technologies shall immediately generate a tracking number and notify the Customer with information associated with pickup and delivery of the Product(s) by the Designated Shipper. Customers may track the status of shipments relating to any Order placed by using the tracking number and self-help features on our Web site. Customers can also track their orders using the information/links provided on our shipment confirmations.  Immediately upon receipt of Products shipped, the Customer is obligated to inspect the Products and notify Life Technologies via phone, the support web page, or e-mail of any claims for order or shipping errors, shortages, defects or damages and shall hold any such goods for our written instructions concerning disposition. If the Customer fails to notify Life Technologies within five (5) days after receipt of Products, the Products shall conclusively be deemed to conform to the terms provided herein and shall be irrevocably accepted.

Life Technologies shall not be liable for any loss, damage or penalty as a result of any delay in or failure to manufacture, deliver or otherwise perform hereunder due to any cause beyond Life Technologies’s reasonable control, including, without limitation, unsuccessful reactions, act of Buyer, embargo or other governmental act, regulation or request affecting the conduct of the customer’s business, fire, explosion, accident, theft, vandalism, riot, acts of war, strikes or other labor difficulties, lightning, flood, windstorm or other acts of God, delay in transportation, or inability to obtain necessary labor, fuel, materials, supplies or power at current prices.

Returns, Replacements, and Support

All returns, replacements, technical services and support shall be handled by Life Technologies’s customer service organization. To assure prompt handling, Customers must obtain a Return Goods Authorization Number ("RGA Number") from Life Technologies and reference this number on return shipping documents. Returns made without the RGA Number will be returned to Subscriber, freight collect. Life Technologies reserves the right to reverse any credit issued to Customer: (i) for any Product not returned after authorization and requested by Life Technologies; or, (ii) if, upon return, such Product is determined by Life Technologies not to be defective. Life Technologies will grant full credit for: (i) Products not supplied in accordance with Subscriber's orders; and, (ii) Products which are defective at the time of receipt by the Subscriber. Life Technologies will grant partial credit for Products ordered in error, with the exceptions noted below.

Product returns for Products ordered in error are subject to a 25% restocking charge plus any applicable charges for necessary inspection, reworking or refurbishing, or for items not normally cataloged by Life Technologies. Hazardous materials authorized for return must be packed, labeled and shipped in accordance with DOT regulations governing transportation of hazardous materials and any other applicable requirements. Life Technologies will not grant credit for: (i) Products which have been discontinued; (ii) Products which are personalized or customized; (iii) Non-Life Technologies line products supplied to Subscriber as an accommodation, including, without limitation, third party purchases; (iv) Products not purchased from Life Technologies; (v) Refrigerated or temperature controlled Products; (vi) Products which are outdated, shelf-worn, used or defaced and, therefore, unsuitable for return to stock and resale as new; (vii) reagents, diagnostics, or chemicals which have been opened; and (viii) Products that have been shipped outside the United States.

Collect & Third Party Carrier Policy

Customers choosing to utilize collect or third party carriers will continue to be invoiced applicable Handling Charges by Life Technologies. Delivery of the goods to the carrier at Seller's shipping point shall constitute delivery to the Customer and the Customer shall bear all risk of loss or damage in transit. The general method of shipment for each item is listed in Life Technologies’s catalog. Life Technologies will not replace or refund product ordered via collect or third party carriers unless due to an order fulfillment error by Life Technologies.

Custom, Special, and Instrumentation Delivery Policy

Certain Life Technologies instruments such SKU 762000, EI8600, IS10000, ZP10001 and/or ZP10002 carry a delivery premium. These products will be assessed an additional Instrument Delivery fee. The list of Instruments which carry this fee includes, but is not limited to SKU 762000, EI8600, IS10000, ZP10001 and/or ZP10002. Instrument shipping fees vary.

All Special Delivery fees are subject to change without advance notice. Fees published within this document represent standard fees which are applicable to shipments within the United States. Customers outside the United States should contact their Customer Service Representative for information on any applicable special shipping and delivery fees. Life Technologies reserves the right to adapt the above policy for custom, bulk, special, and service orders that may be based upon the weight of the shipment.

Enhanced Services through Life Technologies Supply Centers

Life Technologies Supply Centers may qualify for the following value proposition based upon annual spend: No-charge shipping and handling for 1 consolidated shipment(s) of inventory replenishment per week. Life Technologies will work with the customer to define the weekly order release date and time. Customers who request non-stocked or expedited orders outside the normal weekly delivery cycle will be charged the standard per order delivery fee based on the total value of the order.  Those Customers, who request emergency, next day delivery outside the normal delivery cycle, can take advantage of enhanced service via an optional $24.95 additional premium delivery fee.
US DELIVERY & HANDLING FEES (Last Updated January 2012)

Standard Per Order Fees

Per Order Handling Charge



Tube Oligo/Primer Handling


Plate Oligo/Primer Handling


Premium and Special Fees

Premium Next Day Delivery



Premium Monday Delivery


Premium Saturday Delivery


Premium Next Day Primer Fee


Dry/Wet Ice Charge


Hazardous Materials Charge


Instrument Handling


Primer Delivery Policy

Easy to spot, oligonucleotides are shipped in specially marked envelopes. Rapid, reliable delivery is ensured by overnight express. The table below highlights specific service and delivery time frames. Delivery schedules may be affected by demand fluctuations. We make every effort to deliver your high quality oligonucleotides as quickly as possible.

Tubes Delivery Schedule

Type of Oligonucleotides

Ships within

Delivery on

Next-Day delivery (7-40 bases, DSL and unmodified sequences ordered online before 2 PM EST)

Same day

1 business day

Desalted unmodified <=45 bases ordered before 5 p.m. Eastern Time

1 business day

2nd business day

Desalted 46-100 bases; phosphorylated oligonucleotides, cartridge purified and phosphorothioate oligonucleotides

2 business days

3rd business day

3’ & 5’modified

5 business days

6th business day

HPLC and PAGE purity oligonucleotides; 1 µmole scale, 10 µmole scale

6 business days

7th business day

Plate Delivery Schedule

For plate orders containing oligos of 50 bases or less.

Number of Plates

Ships Within

Delivery on

1-4 plates

3 business days

4th business day

5-8 plates

4 business days

5th business day

9-14 plates

6 business days

7th business day

15-21 plates

8 business days

9th business day

21-35 plates

10 business days

11th business day

36 or more plates



For any 3' or 5' modifications, add 2 business days to each category.
For plate orders with oligos greater than 50 bases in length, add 2 business days to each category.

Domestic shipping:
•  Standard overnight Shipping ships from us on Mon-Thurs
•  Dried oligo – ambient shipping Monday through Saturday