Get a premium instrument at an affordable price

Innovation doesn’t have to come at a premium price. Get the state-of-the-art Applied Biosystems functionality and industrial design that you’ve come to know, with the advanced QuantStudio 5 system for human identification, and one of our economical service plan options.


HID orientation

The QuantStudio 5 system includes an instrument orientation to get you up and running quickly in your lab. The orientation covers basic qPCR familiarization and instrument installation. QuantStudio 5 system owners receive a personalized qPCR applications and HID Real- Time PCR Analysis Software software training.


Comprehensive instrument warranty

Our factory-trained and certified field service engineers (FSEs) and Global Repair Center engineers are focused on delivering the highest-quality workmanship. During the warranty period, all qualifying repairs, including engineer time and travel or shipping to the Global Repair Center, are covered.


Flexible service plans

Choose from a variety of service options that balance your budget, productivity, uptime, and regulatory requirements—from basic repair models to premium offerings. On-site service plans are optimal for labs that have time-sensitive work and need to get their instrument back online quickly. These plans include guaranteed response times in most regions, scheduled planned maintenance, and automatic software updates.


Training courses

Our application and instrument training programs are led by forensics scientists who aim to enhance your workday through experimental design best practices, workflow training, and instrument troubleshooting. Hands-on classes are available at our Thermo Fisher Scientific training centers or in your lab.


Technical support

If you have questions about product selection or use, assay or experimental design, data analysis or troubleshooting, contact our team of technical support forensics scientists or access our online product and application support tools.


Financing options

If you’re looking for accelerated return on investment, technology protection, or cash  flow management, our innovative financing options can help meet your company’s budgetary needs and bottom-line goals. Contact your sales representative for more details.

* 2012 Oracle™ Fusion Middleware Innovation Award.
** Instrument Management portal not available in all regions.

Validation solutions

Short on time? Our HID Professional Services (HPS) team is ready to help your laboratory implement the QuantStudio 5 system, Quantifiler kit of your choice, and HID Real-Time Software into your forensic workflow. With over 400 projects completed around the world, you can trust our HPS team to help accelerate your implementation of new workflows.

Our global group of forensics scientists has over a century of combined industry experience to help drive the optimization of your workflow and minimize the impact of new processes to your lab’s daily operations. We help you save valuable resources, so you can focus on productivity. Learn more.

Service plans at a glance

Service plan:


AB Maintenance Plus

AB Assurance

AB Complete

 On-site service plans

On-site response time


Target 2 business days†

Guaranteed 2 business days†

Guaranteed next business day†

Scheduled on-site planned
maintenance (PM)

Remote diagnostics


Parts, labor, and travel for repair


10% discount optional
add-on in selected regions



Computer repair and replacement



Priority access to Tech Support
Mon.–Fri., 8 a.m.–5 p.m. local time




Priority access to remote
service engineer



Requalification post-PM and critical repairs (when applicable)



Field application scientist consultation




Technical specifications

QuantStudio 5 instrument

Sample capacity (wells)


Reaction volume

96-well: 0.2 mL block: 10–100 μL

Footprint (W x D x H) Weight

27 cm x 50 cm x 40 cm
25.7 kg (56.5 lbs)

Excitation source

Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor (CMOS) camera with Bright White LED

Optical detection

96 wells: 6 decoupled filters

Excitation/detection range

96 wells: 450–680 nm/500–730 nm


96-well: up to 6 targets

2D barcode reading


Heating/cooling method


Temperature zone function

96 wells: 6 Applied Biosystems™ VeriFlex™ zones

Max block ramp rate


Average sample ramp rate


Temperature uniformity


Temperature accuracy


Run time

~70 min for Quantifiler Trio and HP kits

~100 min for Quantifiler Duo and Human kits


Dye compatibility (name)


Chemistry capabilities


Number of copies

1 copy


Detect differences as small as 1.5-fold in target quantities in singleplex reactions

* The instrument is factory calibrated with FAM, SYBR Green I, VIC, NED, ABY, JUN, MUSTANG PURPLE, TAMRA, Cy5, and ROX dyes. In order to run Quantifiler Trio or HP kits, HID ABY (Cat. No. 4461591), and HID JUN (Cat. No. 4461593) dyes will be delivered with each instrument and will require calibration upon installation.

** Not validated for human identification.

Please consult your Quantification User Guide for assay-specific parameters.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.