HID NIMBUS Presto System

Forensic samples are among the most difficult specimens to process because they are often limited in quantity, may be environmentally exposed, and may be on substrates that contain PCR inhibitors. The quantity and quality of genomic DNA extracted and purified from a forensic sample is directly correlated to the success of downstream analysis.

Thermo Fisher Scientific provides a range of comprehensive sample preparation and extraction solutions for forensic samples, including the low- to high-throughput integrated automated solutions of the AutoMate Express Forensic DNA Extraction System, the HID NIMBUS Presto System, PrepFiler and PrepFiler BTA automated forensic DNA extraction kits, card processing automation (CPA) instruments, and Prep-n-Go Buffer.

Solutions for sample preparation & extraction

HID NIMBUS Presto System

The compact HID Nimbus Presto System combines the KingFisher Presto system with a proven automated liquid handling robotic system and PrepFiler industry-leading forensic DNA extraction kits. With rapid, hands-free processing and high-quality yields, the easy-to-use integrated system can process up to 96 samples in less than 90 minutes so forensic labs can enjoy fast turnaround times with lasting confidence in the results.

The Applied Biosystems AutoMate Express System is an easy-to-use, robust benchtop instrument that offers maximum flexibility for low-throughput labs. It utilizes the PrepFiler Express and PrepFiler Express BTA (bone, tooth and adhesive) chemistries packaged in prefilled, foil-sealed cartridges. The AutoMate Express offers elution volumes from 20 to 250 µL and maximizes the chance of obtaining an interpretable STR.

The PrepFiler kits are specifically designed to improve the quantity and quality of DNA isolated from forensic samples, increasing the ability to obtain maximum information from downstream STR analysis.

The Card Processing Automation 200 (CPA200) is a semi-automated puncher designed to process human blood or saliva DNA samples, collected on filter paper or cards, in forensic and paternity laboratories.

Prep-n-Go Buffer is a superior buffer designed to help enable high-quality direct PCR amplification of single source samples collected on untreated paper or buccal swabs.

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For Research, Forensic, or Paternity Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.