Compounding and extrusion equipment services

Customized services and training tailored to your compounding and extrusion needs

We offer a comprehensive range of services that can be tailored to meet your specific needs. As a Thermo Fisher Scientific customer, you can select the services you want when you need them—whether it’s at the time you purchase equipment, during the warranty period, or anytime thereafter. Our services cover every type of challenge including installation, warranty extensions, maintenance and calibration, repairs and inspections, laboratory support, and training.

Extruder operation training

Proper knowledge and skills to operate extrusion equipment are crucial for generating reliable results. We offer a broad range of instrument training programs as well as training in our application laboratories to ensure that your employees receive solid theoretical knowledge.

Extruder warranty extensions

An extended warranty is available with the same benefits as the original warranty, with all parts and labor covered. After the extended warranty expires, we offer further solutions for continued product support.

Extruder calibration service

This service guarantees our extruders meet validation and standardization requirements such as ISO 9001, German Institute for Standardization (DIN) standards, CE European Economic Area standards, etc. Local travel costs for service engineers are included. * International services require the “travel and expenses flat rate” option.


Maintenance and calibration can be requested as a one-time service. One-year contracts and self-renewing contracts include the added benefit of an emergency response feature. Emergency response provides priority phone support, shorter response times and, for certain types of instruments, a loaner instrument to minimize downtime due to instrument maintenance. 

Extruder maintenance - travel and expenses flat rate option

We offer flat rates for international travel and expenses to keep our service experts close at hand for your repair and calibration needs. By pricing this travel at a flat rate, the goal is to keep the service more economical and help you better estimate annual service costs.


* Local travel costs are limited to North America, the United Kingdom, and the countries of Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Luxemburg, China, Japan, and India. All other countries require the travel and expenses flat rate option to cover international travel costs.

Applications and laboratory support for extruders

We provide a broad range of product and application solutions for all material characterization products, and our team of application specialists is on hand to answer your questions. Our fully equipped application laboratories are in constant demand for testing customer samples as well as developing and optimizing pioneering applications.