Reliable, quality storage tubes that fit your workflow

Our portfolio of sample storage tubes provides reliable protection and security of cells, biological, genomic and compound materials at ultra-low or cryogenic temperatures. Our tubes are designed to ensure sample integrity over time and engineered with a focus on performance, quality and scalability within your lab’s workflow. 


Sample storage tubes from Thermo Scientific are available in a wide variety of sizes, capping and storage formats, and with integrated sample identification options to support both manual and automated processing needs while emphasizing the safety and traceability of your valuable samples. 

Reliable storage tubes for your workflow

Sample storage tube capabilities

Sample ID and tracking

The non-repeatable linear, human readable and 2D barcoding available on cryogenic storage tubes support both low and high-throughput of sample identification. Additionally, printed white patch on the tube allows for easy labeling by the end-user.

Seal with certainty

Our portfolio of cryogenic storage tubes includes a variety of cap and seal systems, all rigorously tested for security in harsh cryogenic environments and for repetitive capping and uncapping to ensure a reliable seal.

Select the right tube

Use our selection tool to find the sample storage tube that’s best for your lab and samples, whether you require automation friendly tubes, cryogenic storage or standard open top tubes.

Protect your samples in cryopreservation

Easily determine what kind of system would work best for your applications and interest areas, now and in the future. 

Ready for automation

We offer a portfolio of sample storage automation systems to add efficiency and productivity gains to your sample storage workflow.

Optimize cryo-storage workflow

Enhance your workflow with cryogenic storage accessories that are designed to work with our portfolio of sample storage tubes and your processes. 

This product is intended for general laboratory use unless otherwise specified. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the performance of the product is suitable for the specific use or application.